Peeping {weird} Tom

I saw this extraordinary creature peering INTO our front door the other night. I tried to get a good photo, but the darkness/lights were not working in my favor.
Plus, I was alerted to see how dirty my glass was.
Imagine my surprise the next day when I saw he/she/it moved to the other door and was now peeping into the door frame.
Well, maybe he/she/it is a ‘special’ extraordinary creature; who am I to judge?

Anyhoo….I just thought he/she/it was lovely.

I realized he/she/it might have been trying to get up close and personal with my porch plant bees.

What would you call that? Inter-special interest? Inter-insect romance?
I dunno….my head hurts now from thinking about it.
The Coach and I are off on an adventure this weekend to celebrate the day of his birth, so I’ll not be visiting any of you. It’s ok, don’t cry, I’ll be back next week to share.

Oh, you want to know where we’re headed? 

Well, we’re keeping it WEIRD.
I know. I’m always kinda weird.
The in-laws have arrived and are in charge of keeping the fort from falling apart and to make sure no one steals my porch plant bees. 
 Have a great and weird weekend.

13 thoughts on “Peeping {weird} Tom

  1. Do you want more moths? We have bunches like that. Guess one must have hitched a ride from TN to FL. We also have the pretty green Luna moths and some brown ones with orange bodies that are quite exotic looking. I know this more since my girls were in high school – – years ago now. One biology teacher made them collect bugs, etc and mount them to a board for an assignment. They got to freeze them in our food freezer to kill them. Tender-hearted children didn't like killing the pretty butterfly looking creatures. I, too, felt kind of bad for the innocent insects. Now if it had been mosquitoes or ticks – – – – – I would have employed an army to eradicate them!


  2. I always love a good moth. They are so beautiful and usually hang out in the same spot long enough so you can get a really good view! Enjoy your weekend! Can't wait to read all about it!


  3. wow, such neat markings on that moth! have fun celebrating and happy birthday to the coach! (when i read your title i was thinking of \”tom the backroad traveller\” because he posted about leaf peeping and i was thinking that's weird, you're writing a post about him lol


  4. First of all that is an unbelievable door! Wow.And the moth…yeah…it creeps me out!But it's neat photography. Please keep those giant things down your way, though.


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