Willy Nilly Friday-I’m {Al} about it

Joining Tanya and friends for 5 random thoughts, pics or whatevers:
Anyone else have a huge crush on Al Roker and Willie Geist?

C’mon…. I know I’m not alone here.
I try to tune in to the Today show daily just for them; they make me smile hard.
On Wednesday I updated our dining room table-scape.
On Thursday morning I realized that *someone* didn’t approve. 

I’m guessing this is *someone*. 
I know he looks so innocent…ok, I could be wrong, perhaps the Coach didn’t like the table decor?
They’re everywhere. In my coffee. In my grocery store. In my brain. ALL around me!!
Some days I just miss my MUM!!
We are expecting more company today-humans and canines; boxers this time!
Have a great weekend!
Around Roanoke

19 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday-I’m {Al} about it

  1. I thought your *someone* that didn't like the table scape was a kitty. It would be a kitty at my house. Nothing like walking into a room and finding random things on the floor. She likes pushing things off…but only if said object is 'on the edge'. Thankfully she's never broken anything. Having company sounds delightful. Have a great weekend! : )


  2. #1 Who is Willie Geist?#2 Very nice.#3 Less nice.#4 Now I remember why I'm not a dog guy.#5 Next year we have have another fall.Have a great weekend. Tom The Backroads Traveller


  3. oh, and i used to watch the today show EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING but then i got tired of news and just turned it off one morning and haven't turned it back on since! i just go quiet in the a.m. but yeah, i think al roker is a cutie and now i have no idea who that other dude is! and i'm mad that they let ann curry go…it just never was the same after katie left! have a great weekend and thanks for linking 🙂


  4. I like how you decorated your dining room table – I do prefer the before though. Whoever did the \”after\” needs to improve their decorating skills. 😉 Can't really say much about Willie Geist and Al Roker, we don't have the TV on in the morning. Have a great weekend with your human and furry company!


  5. Hmm well I like the table setting but now I have to back track on posts and see when you got a cute golden lab …or is that one of the Boxer dressed up as Scoobie Doo ~ \”Rhott Roe\” ( I love saying that).


  6. I used to watch the Today Show every morning, but sometime early in the Matt Lauer/Ann Curry pairing, I just gave it up. So I don't know about Willie Geist, but Al Roker is a charmer. In other news, why oh why can't we have nice things? Your table decor is lovely and should be allowed to RIP!


  7. Anonymous

    Al Roker has a very sweet personality! Love your tablescape – looks like you have some \”helpers!\” I love Krispy Kreme pumpkin donuts!


  8. Oh my word. I LOVE labs. And I love Al Roker. I love your pretty house. I hate tablecloths. I have to edit a million pictures but I just want to keep reading all the way back to the last post I read. I am in serious denial that it has been this long since I have been here.


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