The one where everything is fan{freakin}tastic!

We had a great weekend. A keeper for sure.
Lucky for you, I didn’t take that many pictures. 
You’re welcome.

Our weather has finally chilled out a bit; the humidity is at a decent level and the breeze is a’moving. 
Love it.
Wish it would stay 365. 
Our friends (Don, Kelly and Kelly’s Aunt Sandy) from the East coast arrived on Friday. 
We had a party. A get together. A social gathering of  like minded, fun loving people. 
Twas perfect.
Saturday evening, we had a party. A get together. A social gathering of like minded, fun loving people.
Was it ground hog day? No, we mixed in some different fun loving, like minded people.
But good just the same. 
Lindsay even made an appearance on Saturday. 
Linds and Kelly
So much love and laughter was shared that I might have a cold virus now.
Did I mention boxers were joining us? I know, it was a whole day since the three visiting Labradors left. Cocoa almost had a minute of being bored. ALMOST.
Did someone say cookie?
Lucky for you cookies are our most FAVORITE things ever!
And in case you were worried about me doing too much with a house full of people, I’ll ease your mind. My guests were fabulous; they cleaned up after themselves, helped prepare meals and changed all the sheets before they left. 
(which is how I roll as well)
I was able to sit down and put my dogs up. I mean, put a dog up on my lap.

Sunday we took the opportunity to visit some of our beautiful town that we don’t see often….and then a nice lunch out before our peeps had to depart. 
Checking out the naples dock, just because. 
The perfect weekends don’t come that often, but when they do, I certainly do cherish them!
I hope your weekend was equally as perfect.

19 thoughts on “The one where everything is fan{freakin}tastic!

  1. Sounds like a great weekend for you and your friends!! We did the same thing on Saturday, except we went to our friends house for a partay. Lots of laughs and fun! That picture of the 4 boxers cracks me up… 😉


  2. That sounds like a wonnnnnderful weekend. Love seeing your happy peeps and dogs. I can't believe you can wear a sleeveless top in late October! I do need to come and explore your part of the world…that dock, the sunshine…it looks so nice!


  3. Looks like a perfect visit with friends… Glad your weather is better now… Love seeing the 4 dogs together. Seems like most people who visit bring their pets, and there's always a bunch of them!!!! haI published a cute blog today from our vacation in Cataloochee this past week. Check it out if you haven't yet.Hugs,Betsy


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