Willy Nilly Friday~Blooms, not b**bs, brainy boxer, losing time and looking for the impossible.

The Coach and I watched the movie Million Dollar arm this week. We both gave it 2 thumbs up…such an inspiring and NICE movie based on a true story. And hey, it’s a Disney production, so I didn’t have to close my eyes or ears; no bloodshed and no b**bs!!!
Speaking of b**bs, remember my gorgeous blooming lanai orchid? Well, that baby was soon top heavy and it busted....so now we get to enjoy it’s bold purpleness on the kitchen table. Win Win.

Ozzie fell asleep while studying for his psych finals. 
Bless his little rescued heart….on top of all the health issues he’s faced over the years, now he has a cherry eye. The vet said to let it be; that it really doesn’t hurt him. But good lord, enough already. 
Once again, I’ve misplaced a week. AN ENTIRE WEEK! Every year Thanksgiving comes a week earlier than I’m expecting. Darn you….you sneaky sneaky holiday!
Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m on the hunt for an organic, free range/pastured, non GMO fed turkey who’s spent his life doing yoga and chanting good thoughts for the planet.
Should be easy.

Around Roanoke

The Sinking {ship} Chair

The chair was used and abused. 
Mostly because it was shared by this little nugget and her padre’. 
 And on occasion…the felines like to use it too.
The front, the side, the back….it was all fair game for Cocoa. 
I knew the chair was on it’s last legs…but I was bound and determined to make it last as long as Cocoa. 
Sadly, my determination has failed. It’s become a sinking ship….and apparently, the Captain was going down with it. 
She’s trying to ignore the fact that……
the ship is sinking and she is deathly afraid of the water. 
We found a new chair on Sunday and thought about it for a few days….I had to let it marinate in my brain and today I handing over the moola for it. 
You’d think Cocoa would volunteer to chip in some of her cookie fund. You’d think.