Forrest Gump was correct: Sh*t happens

I’m fairly certain that most of you wake up each morning and have a thought along these lines:
What is happening with Suz and her compost? I mean, she hasn’t updated the progress at all. 
Well, I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long and really, ya’ll might want to start focusing on your own lives a bit more than mine.
Ok, I was totally lying. I need to be the center of your attention. 
 Or this happens. 
 Just kidding.
An update of compost proportions; prepare to be amazed. Or grossed out; it could go either way. 
There she sits, just a black weird looking contraption resting near the pool equipment. 
But inside…well, this is where the magic happens. 
This is beginning to sound like an episode of MTV’s Cribs. 
I took some out to share with the actual garden. If you listen hard enough, you can hear my worms…they’re just doing their worm thing. 
It might surprise you, but I love those worms so much. I started to name them all, but hells bells, they don’t stop wiggling long enough. 

Wait, I think I see Wendy and Wanda worm right there!
 If you’re not a composting person, you might want to consider it. I’m fairly certain that this and my work to end the manufacturing of Styrofoam will get me a fast pass through the pearly gates. 
I’m not one to stand in line like regular people. 

 What do we compost? Just about everything. Egg shells. Banana peels, veggie/fruit parts, lint, plant cuttings, paper towels, coffee grounds/filters.
The only thing we don’t put in there is anything of an actual animal. (meats/fats)  
I limit the amount of citrus because my worms can only take so much of the acid. 
See, I told you I love those red wigglers. Especially Wendy; she’s my fave.

  So, are you mesmerized or grossed out? 

23 thoughts on “Forrest Gump was correct: Sh*t happens

  1. Mesmerized of course! We've got two compost bins in the garden and a worm bin in the house. I know, weird that it's in the house but I don't want them to freeze to death in the winter or cook in the summer. See, I love my worms, too. 😉


  2. I'm mesmerized. We also compost, although we do it the old-fashioned way with a pile behind the house. We haven't named our worms, but I think they appreciate the compost anyway. Congratulations on becoming such a serious gardener.


  3. i have a compost pile where i toss banana peels, berry and veggie leftovers, lemon rinds, coffee grounds and paper tubes from t.p. and paper towels. i just have to remember to 'stir' it now and again.


  4. Mesmerized for sure… We compost (as George told you).. BUT–we had to quit putting our corn cobs in the pile since the deer loved to root around and find them…. Our compost pile is one of the old-fashioned ways of composting… We just have a big pile in the back yard…. Love the names for your worms… Maybe you can invite them in your home for dinner one night… OR –maybe they can sleep with you…. NOW I'm grossed out! haHugs,Betsy


  5. Neither mesmerized nor grossed out; I want to know about that gorgeous blue and white dress. Please don't call me shallow – I'm not, I'm not! That dress is too gorgeous and it has trumped all talk of worms, compost, fertilizer, etc.


  6. Mesmerized, totally. Composting is an important life skill. The first time my husband took our daughter fishing, when she was about 6, she took all the worms out of the carton, lined them up, and named them. Needless to say, not much actual fishing was done.


  7. Vote me in as 'mesmermized'! Fact is, I spent a little too much time staring at the compost picture trying to find Wendy and Wanda! Some years ago I wanted to start a shoebox size worm farm, but that was back when I lived in the desert and dirt in a plastic bin has a way of drying out if you turn your back for an instant, and as I didn't want to turn worms into dehydrated strings, I never tried. I am always astonished that here in Miss. I can put a trowel into soft earth and find a wild worm!! Keep up the great composting work, Suz, and thanks very much for visiting my blog…I wish I posted more often, too, because it's fun, but procrastinate seems to be a middle name, ha. Hope your kiddos are doing fine!!


  8. I always compost…everywhere we have lived….and use the new dirty in my garden. Here, moisture is an issue though I tend to water the compost heap when I water everything else. But, it still dries out super fast, which doesn't allow the composting magic to happen very well. I don't get worms, for the same reason. But, I have to compost. There's something so WRONG with throwing refuse away that can be turned into beautiful new dirt with a minimum of effort! Oh, and speaking of styrofoam….when we were on NutriSystem, we got some of the frozen foods, and they arrived in these huge styrofoam containers filled with dry ice. There is NOTHING I can do with these annoying big white THINGS because the only place that takes them to \”recycle\” is 80 miles from here! There are literally only about ten places in the whole country that does that. I emailed the manufacturer and told them I sure would appreciate it if they would put a place to recycle them in my town, but of course, I didn't hear anything back. So annoying!


  9. I am glad you won't have to wait into line to get into Heaven. My Aunt Becky had a compost place in her garden on the farm. I remember having to take stuff out there after we would eat dinner. I always thought it was a little odd. It's cooler now that you do it. Should I stop getting coffee at Dunkin Donuts twice a week since it comes in a styrofom cup?


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