Willy Nilly Friday~Blooms, not b**bs, brainy boxer, losing time and looking for the impossible.

The Coach and I watched the movie Million Dollar arm this week. We both gave it 2 thumbs up…such an inspiring and NICE movie based on a true story. And hey, it’s a Disney production, so I didn’t have to close my eyes or ears; no bloodshed and no b**bs!!!
Speaking of b**bs, remember my gorgeous blooming lanai orchid? Well, that baby was soon top heavy and it busted....so now we get to enjoy it’s bold purpleness on the kitchen table. Win Win.

Ozzie fell asleep while studying for his psych finals. 
Bless his little rescued heart….on top of all the health issues he’s faced over the years, now he has a cherry eye. The vet said to let it be; that it really doesn’t hurt him. But good lord, enough already. 
Once again, I’ve misplaced a week. AN ENTIRE WEEK! Every year Thanksgiving comes a week earlier than I’m expecting. Darn you….you sneaky sneaky holiday!
Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m on the hunt for an organic, free range/pastured, non GMO fed turkey who’s spent his life doing yoga and chanting good thoughts for the planet.
Should be easy.

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32 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday~Blooms, not b**bs, brainy boxer, losing time and looking for the impossible.

  1. Thanks for the movie recommendation! I am continuously shocked how \”bad\” movies have gotten. PG 13 is NOT what is used to be… I'm not a prude or anything, but why do they have to include so much foul language in movies aimed at kids/teens? Your orchid looks gorgeous on your table, glad you're getting to enjoy it indoors now. Poor Ozzie, at least he gets spoiled by his mama. 😉 Have a great weekend!


  2. Good thoughts for the planet indeed. Ozzie looks adorable and so sorry he has had so many health issues. Your orchid is beautiful and love the decorative touches. Happy you enjoyed the movie. It sounds intriguing. Thanksgiving is sneaking up on me too, holidays have a tendency to do that to me. This is a great Friday 5. Enjoyed it very much and thanks for visiting mine. Enjoyed your comments there also 🙂


  3. I'm not sure that you see comments that are made on other posts than the current one. Geesh, that sounds stuffy!! I mean that I want to talk about Sorority life and the fact that your and my daughter are SO into Sorority life (ZTA for Amanda) and I, too, have had to learn some new things…such as making a crown with your fingers that has 5 (exactly) points on it…that's the ZTA sign, like the quat for PhiMu. I can't do it right, but she took me to the Mother/Daughter tea anyway!! No, I wasn't in a sorority, but Amanda loves it, living in the House and being part of all her Sisters. Does Linds have a big Sis or little Sis? Amanda is an only child, so this is a great way for her to get a family with sisters in her age group and interests. I'm an only child, my mom was an only child. We were a SMALL family…until I married my southern husband, when it got a lot bigger, haha! Anyhoo, just wanted to share thoughts on this Sorority thing AND the fact that both our daughter love college!! Yes, mine was born to be past high school!!hugs,LizHope Ozzie is doing alright. Oh, and that Turkey you're looking for was pardoned by the President. You might have to settle for one that knows Tai-Chi instead of Yoga.


  4. I wonder if they have those awesome turkeys at Trader Joe's? Thanksgiving has crept up on me as well. I have so much house cleaning to do, and won't be on the blogs much this week, but I am sure that will be the case for most of us. Wednesday and Thursday will be cooking and eating and visiting with family, as it should be. I am so thankful for so many, many things! God has really blessed us. Hope you have a wonderful holiday! See you on the other side. (And tell that sweet pup not to study too hard, and take care of that eye!)


  5. Just buy a regular turkey –and shake the bad stuff out!!!!!!! ha ha …Poor Ozzie… How old is he now? I remember when Duchess got old –and it was sad to see her change so much. Bless Ozzie's heart…. He knows how much he is loved.Your Orchid is pretty. And I'm glad you enjoyed the movie… So many movies these days are NOT good.Hugs,Betsy


  6. Beautiful orchid! Poor Ozzie, I hope he gets better soon. Time goes by so fast these days, holidays just coming up from the nowhere 🙂 Very funny of you trying to get a yoga turkey! But who knows, maybe if you Google it hard enough you might find it! So I've been thinking of your last comment and the one from another lady, and decided to post something about caterpillars. Have a great weekend!


  7. Such a fun post. I've not heard of the movie you recommended. We seldom go to movies due to the high cost . I do like good, clean movies though. That Orchid is gorgeous. I feel sorry for your poor dog, I do hope his eye will get better.Got a good chuckle out of the turkey comment. We buy a really small one because let's face it with only 5-6 people eating who wants leftovers that last for weeks.


  8. Good luck with the turkey. When you find one, tell me where you found it. It's hard to find non everything turkey. Trying to eat healthy every day kind of takes the fun out of \”eating holidays\” like Thanksgiving. I just have to get more creative to make yummy stuff. I have never heard of a cherry eye. Is it like a cataract or something? It's hard watching our fur babies get older. Every time my cats sick, I wonder if this is 'it'. And then she gets better and is trying to climb through the blinds. So I guess not. This time.


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