My giving of Thanks recap in as few words as I can manage; and hey the PoLiCe were NOT in attendance.

So, I made three centerpieces knowing I’d need two, plus one for the kitchen. 
 By Tuesday our guest list grew from 10 to 15, we were going to have three tables of people now.
We were able to continue our Thanksgiving eve tradition of roulette. Just like the pilgrims! 
 The day of Thanksgiving our guest list had grown to 18. Luckily I have a lot of plates. And silverware. And wine. 
The pool sharks girls.
I swear to goodness that I’d told my girls a few nights before: 
“You don’t know how lucky you are to have holidays WITHOUT law enforcement getting involved.”
Linds: “Hey, can we SHAKE it up this year?”
We giggled….my children have noooooo idea. 
And FYI….all was well and peaceful. The Po-Po did not visit us this Thanksgiving.
Let’s see what happens next year. 
The bird with the girls. BTW: I was able to locate my organic/free range bird who’d spent his life doing yoga and having daily massages. AND HE WAS DELICIOUS!
Even with extra peeps we had mucho leftovers. 
Apparently we were only expecting some, but cooked for many.
Our holiday was FaBuLous….a few loved family members were missing this year and that is never fun; but we made due with total strangers sitting at the table. 
I’ve a crazy week ahead….wish me luck!!!
I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely AND you also missed out on the Po-Po visiting your home!

27 thoughts on “My giving of Thanks recap in as few words as I can manage; and hey the PoLiCe were NOT in attendance.

  1. Glad you had a great Turkey Day…literally! Glad all your peeps and some extra were there and there was no Po-Po involvement. Love the pics. Looks like a great time was had by all. : )


  2. hehehe, I don't know the po-po story but anyone who has one is awesome in my book!!! that is one yummy looking bird….it sounds like you have a very fun and happy family!!!! I love all that \”noise\”!!!!!


  3. Anonymous

    A bird who has lived his life in total zen is THE WAY to go! here's to a holiday police free… I'm sure foreigners watching American news think there's no such thing these days!


  4. Hmm today and yesterday I tried to get to your page that shows your husband with the boxers , thinking thats your new post but when I tap it from my feed it says the page does not exist ~ are you posting nonexisting pages now ??? I'm telling the POPO But seriously wheres that page lol


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