Lest we forget….you only turn 19 once

It was brought to my attention this week that I didn’t blog about Lindsay’s birthday. 
Feelings were hurt. Tears were shed. Things were thrown. 
Ok, I might be exaggerating. 
Honestly, her birthday was on Saturday and I don’t blog on the weekends. When Monday came around I was still in Ozzie’s health crisis-land. 
So, this is all about the birthday girl herself.
In the early days, she had terrible table manners. She’s improved somewhat.
Did you know that Lindsay at one time was in a street gang? Thankfully I was able to get her into a program and she saw the pros of not being a thug. That was a tough year. 
But it went downhill from there….she joined a cheer gang;
It was short lived though, she didn’t care for the outfits. 
And before I knew it, she fell in love with dance and then she leapt over the sun. 
We celebrated her 19th year with a family dinner cooked by someone other than I. 
 It’s so nice to have all my people in one place at the same time to celebrate!!!

Wishing my baby a fabulous year full of adventure and no arrests. 

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