Lets document something before it’s forgotten.

I’ve been a very bad blogger. I’ve been a very busy bee. 
I should be put into a timeout; preferable a timeout that includes a few spa sessions, cooked meals and a few more spa sessions. 
Lets recap. 
We had a fabulous company holiday party this year…..and since we’ve not been able to have one ($$) since 2008, well, that made it even more fabulous!
We held our party at a hotel, fully catered and we hired a casino company to give us all the fun of Vegas without the losing of actual cash. A fun. Fun. FUN time. 
It was nice to have the girls there this time as well. Lolo is AN actual employee and Lindsay is an actual future ‘Event Planner wannabe’ major. 
Christmas Eve we had a full house. 21 people for dinner. I took some time to do some family portraits for Coach’s brother and his extended brood before the sun went down. It was so nice to have all the cousins here at the same time. 
My BIL and his lovely peeps.
The cousins being photobombed by Ozzie. His favorite pastime is peeing in public.
Lolo and Linds making santa strawberry hats. 

We had a delicious dinner of steak, lobster bisque, antipasto, and other non diet related foods!
This year we also had two kiddos here on Christmas eve and boy oh boy is that fun. There was bowling in the hallway and nerf guns shooting left and right! 
Christmas day is always pretty quiet here since we have so much NOISE on Christmas Eve. 
It was just the four of us plus Coach’s mom and stepdad, and they usually head home around lunchtime. 
Lolo and I watched more Hallmark Christmas movies than should be allowed. 
I mean, why do they always make me cry? No wonder they’re sponsored by Kleenex. 
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and New years.
Oh boy…it’s 2015 people!

17 thoughts on “Lets document something before it’s forgotten.

  1. That is a GORGEOUS picture of you and the girls! I think an 8×10 framed copy would be a perfect gift for Coach, to put front and center on his desk at work. =) Just sayin'…..Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!xoxox


  2. I would like to eat that entire plate of strawberry santa hats. Your girls are so smart. I am glad you had a beautiful Christmas season with the ones you love the best.


  3. Sounds like you and the family had a FANTASTIC Christmas season this year. It's great to hear that Jeff's company is doing so well now… Thankfully the economy has picked up since 2008… Hope it stays this way –or even better. My son's building business in the Houston area is also doing GREAT now –and he is SO happy… Love your photos.Hugs,Betsy


  4. Wow girl! You HAVE been a busy bee! : ) But it was all good stuff so yay! : ) I love me some Hallmark movies too, but even I was finished with Christmas movies by the end of December. Happy New Year! : ) Sorry..I know it's too many exclamation points. !!! ; )


  5. the three of you looks so pretty all ready for the party! i am so happy that it turned out so well, of course, i had no doubts!!! the family photos are great… you are the nicest of the nice to do this for your peeps!!! remind me to ask you about this soon!! LOL


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