Willy Nilly Friday~The one with all the specialists and the bloomers.

Joining Tanya and friends for 5 willy nilly whatevers. I’m all about the whatevers lately.

I worked on this for a while last week….time to change it up. Again.
The Ozzie saga continues.
The Tuesday before last,  just out of the blue, he went into a major seizure. It lasted 2-3 minutes, but felt like a lifetime. We again rushed him to the emergency vet specialists where they kept him overnight.
*knock on wood* he’s been fine since then. The neurologist has some ideas of what his main issue is….we’re still deciding on his course of treatment, but focusing on his heart issue for now. 
Ozzie now has a neurologist, a cardiologist, an ophthalmologist, and an oncologist.
There’s word that he’s now requesting an agent and a full time masseuse.

I took him in yesterday for a follow up visit with his cardiologist.
His heart condition is getting better. {enlarged heart, getting smaller} BUT, his irregular heartbeat is going on. She’s adjusted his meds somewhat and I’m checking his heart rate several times a day now. Because, really, what else do I have to do? 
Actually, I’d do anything for this sweet boy. He does nothing wrong. Ever.

This week I came Soooooooo close to saying something I hoped to never say to one of my children.
“Just you wait. Just you wait until you have children, then you’ll understand.”
I resisted saying it out loud.
For now. 
Don’t hate me, but we’ve been dining on fresh romaine from the garden for weeks. 

Again, don’t hate me, but please enjoy this trio of orchids blooming in one of our oak trees.
These are the best surprises when I stumble upon them.

I do hope your week held more surprises than not and that your weekend will be filled with goodness.
Or at least some pretty flowers and a sweet furry critter.


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22 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday~The one with all the specialists and the bloomers.

  1. 1) Love the plate. I actually copied yours when I made mine. That is the sincerest form of flattery, no?2) Poor Ozzie. 😦 Our first dog had several severe seizures and I know how scary that can be. Hope his staff of docs can help him.3) Almost done that…4) Hate you just a little bit…5) See # 4… It's been below freezing since yesterday morning in our area. :-(Have a great weekend!


  2. I'm so sorry about Ozzie! My cat had a seizure the other day. Freaked me out. Took her to the vet and didn't find out anything about why she was having a seizure but discovered a little bit of liver trouble. Gave her a liver supplement and an antibiotic. She started acting very creepy and stalking and just generally being very strange. And so I googled the name of the antibiotic and the very last side effect was something like delusions or something or other. So! Had to change meds again. When I was a caregiver for a parent, I had a binder that I took notes in for all his appointments etc. Sometimes I feel like I need a binder. But thankfully my sweet amazing vet remembers more than i will ever forget. So she's got us all covered. I'm jealous of your greens…but even more jealous of the weather you're having. We are freezing our tails off. Texas style. LOLI hope you can get the answers you need for your sweet Ozzie dog. Taking care of pets is hard work. I picked up a scrip for me AND MY CAT at a compounding pharmacy the other day and needed them to make out a special form for me to send to MY insurance co and was wishing aloud that I had coverage for the kitty cuz $$$$ : )


  3. I life is all about whatevers!#1 You just change the date, don't you?#2 Really, and I thought that kids were expensive.#3 Go ahead, I've said \”Just you wait. Just you wait until you have children, then you'll understand\” for years.#4 OK, rub it in.#5 Soon when I'm in Maui I hope that you don't hate me. You know, hate is a strong word.Tom The Backroads Traveller


  4. Great Plate . . . Great idea . . . You have a good vet . . hurray!!! I would NOT hate you for reminding me warm weather shall return . . . in the meantime, thank you for sharing your warm riches with us . .


  5. Great plate! Romana and nice orchids in this in time… what a dream!All the best for your lovely boy :-)It is always a heart-touching concern when a beloved pet is sick –


  6. Your plate is really neat.I do hope your sweet dog continues to get better. They are so much family that it's hard when they feel sick.Wow on those Orchids. They are gorgeous.


  7. Poor Ozzie and his heart and the way it is hurting yours. His healthcare plan sounds way better than the one our insurance company offers! The orchids and the salad are GORGEOUS!!!


  8. Oh I am so sorry to hear your Pup is still having a hard time. Hope that was your last scare!PS It's hard not to hate you when I literally took a SHOVEL to the top of my car so I could dig out from under the snow this week! YUCK!


  9. i love that you are able to keep your sense of humor with ozzie's health problems…i hope he continues to improve, that sweet boy…love the chalkboard platter…i picked up a couple of silver platters from goodwill a while back with that intention…they are still silver and waiting in the cupboard lol…don't be jealous, but i'm eating romain from kroger 😉 love the orchids, wow, that is a great surprise!! give oz a hug from auntie t! thanks for linking 🙂


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