Willy Nilly Friday~Ain’t no sunshine like your sunshine.

Joining Tanya and friends sharing 5 willy nilly thoughts, pics or whatevers.
Cocoa VS coconut.
It bothers me that Cocoa contains an A, but if you want coconut, you lose the A.
That makes Suzanne nutty. 
I found the time to update my chalk plate. I love pinterest; that’s where I steal ideas from. 
I’m an idea stealer. 
Not to be confused with a Pittsburgh Steeler. 
We’re painting the craft room this weekend. I’ve been in search for the perfect white that’s not so white, but not so NOT white either. Is that too much to ask for?
I finally decided on a color, purchased two gallons and THEN the Coach shared his disapproval after seeing the sample swatch on the wall.
Aye caramba. 
I’d love to give a happy update regarding Ozzie, but I can’t. We’re dealing with a.lot.of.stuff. 
{The Dr.s feel confident that he can get through it}
We don’t usually keep dog beds in the mudroom/hallway, but he was going down quickly and needed a soft landing. 
I’m eversothankful that business is going well so that we can afford good health care for him. 
Prayers are appreciated. 
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend doing something worthwhile with people/critters you adore.
Hey, YOU are my sunshine.
Around Roanoke

19 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday~Ain’t no sunshine like your sunshine.

  1. I hate picking out paint colors and finding the perfect 'neutral', no matter what 'color' you want, is hard work. Depends on a million things…light, things in the room. Bleh. Makes my head hurt. But seeing your poor pup makes my heart hurt. I've been there. Seems we walk the tightrope..going ok..and then fall into the 'not ok' category in a flash. Praying for a steady recovery for Ozzie boy. Hugs and love, my friend! And if you need to vent about how hard it is to be a doggie caregiver, I'm here. : ) Only I have a cat. But still : )


  2. you know ozzie has all my prayers…i'm so happy too that you are able to provide for him…my heart breaks for what he and you are dealing with…still love your sense of humor \”not to be confused with a pittsburgh steller\” haha…and yes, i never thought about the A in cocoa but not in coconut…. 🙂 thank you for linking! hope oz had a better weekend. ❤


  3. you are my sunshine, too 🙂 your plate looks fantastical!!! oh those pups… you have your hands full! never mind your people!!! painting the craft room? did you make your guests help?!?!


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