Surprise surprise surprise!

Don’t you love a good surprise?
Wait, what about a funny one?
The Coach was in Vegas last week for work stuff; he came home late Friday night.
You know how they say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”? 
Well, not so much. The Coach brought home a cold virus and a polka dotted thong in his suitcase.
He pulled the undies out of the outside zipper pocket and said: 
“Are these yours?”
Me laughing: “Noooooooo”
Coach: “Well, they’re not mine”

The thought of him wearing size XS polka dotted undies made me laugh again.
It only took a minute to realize that one of the girls had used that suitcase over the summer.
Thank goodness I’m not one of those paranoid, overreacting, jealous women. You know, that right there could make a girl end up on that show Snapped. 
On Sunday I weeded the garden and fed my plants some yummy compost and I found several surprises!
 None of which were the photobombing cat.
I can hardly wait to make some eggplant parm!

When I titled this post, I immediately thought of my favorite goofy guy from back in the day. Who is old enough to remember sweet, gullible Gomer Pyle?

I hope you all had a nice weekend; minus any illnesses or misplaced underthingys. 

15 thoughts on “Surprise surprise surprise!

  1. Oh my, another women may have had a meltdown over the undies… 🙂 I'm a little bit jealous of all your garden goodness, it is so dreary and \”brown\” here right now.


  2. Your garden makes me so jealous. We went out and did the pre-weeding in mine yesterday while I enjoyed seventy-seven (!!!) lovely degrees. Got to enjoy that while it lasts, because in January, it's very short lived. : ) Funny on the undies. My jaw would have dropped to the floor! LOL


  3. I hope the Coach is feeling better soon, and that no one else catches that virus! Those mystery undies could have caused havoc in a different household! Glad you are such a cool-headed wife, Suz!When you showed that kitty in your garden photo with the word \”Surprise,\” my mind went straight to the litterbox. Glad it wasn't THAT kind of surprise! Eggplant parm = YUMMYness. Please post photos of your process and the finished product. XO


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