Pretty purple deliciousness

A few weeks ago I shared my purple surprises in the garden. 
When we got back from Vegas those babies had grown SO much that I had to prop up the plant before it busted from the weight.
I have been afflicted with overweight eggplants; but apparently their large BMI means only good stuff. 
What’s a girl to do with all of these? Well, of course my favorite is eggplant parm, but it isn’t the Coach’s favorite and I’m all about thinking about others these days.
Ok, I’m mostly sometimes thinking about others these days. 
 Looking for inspiration took me right to Claudia’s blog
I typed eggplant into her search and found this genius idea. 
It should be called delicious on plate for heaven’s sake!
I followed her recipe pretty much to the T, aside from using ground turkey sausage instead of pork or beef.
The Coach gave it 2 thumbs up, and I gave it 2 thumbs AND the peace sign….because I’m just that talented. 
Since we are practically empty nesters these days, I only added a green salad and the three eggplants I used this night made for dinner for both of us one night, 2 lunches and another dinner for me. 

14 thoughts on “Pretty purple deliciousness

  1. Wow, your garden is always gorgeous! Funny eggplant story..the girl and I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and while waiting in line, we noticed this cute little necklace with a heart shaped key on it. She loves keys. And it also had a little teardrop jewel on it. It was all of $2.99. lol So when we got home, she put it on and noticed the jewel was a little lopsided so it's an eggplant. So the key to her heart is eggplant. Hmmm. Oh well..$2.99. It's still cute.


  2. Anonymous

    Very nice eggplants and the recipe sounds so good! I love your newer post with the pics of Vegas. I steal all of John's coins to buy used books at the thrift store!!! Wishing all of you love this Valentine's weekend.


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