Orange is the new bad?

I found some cute little orange ladybugs on my eggplant bush last week.
Well, at first I thought they were cute…then I thought they might be malicious. 
I googled and I searched.
And by searched, I can only google because who actually does anything other than google when it comes to searching? Lazy who?

I found mixed messages.
Yes, it is a specific ladybug common in Florida.
Yes, it is a specific PLANT EATING ladybug lookalike that will wreak havoc in your garden. Nothing in between. Dramatic who?
I still don’t know for sure, but I’m not going to worry too much since they’ve NOT touched the actual eggplants themselves. 
So, are the little orange creatures eating the leaves or are they trying to eat whatever is eating my leaves?
Superhero OR Super-villian.
Time will tell. 

In ‘for sure positive’ orange news, my bird of paradise is going bonkers in a good way. 
Get your tickets, It’s a double-header. 
Orange you glad I shared all this with you?

Happy Monday.
And by ‘happy’ I mean, we’ve all made it to see another week!

13 thoughts on “Orange is the new bad?

  1. barely made it to monday though! i am sleepy!!!! bring coffee!!! please! and some orange juice, since it goes with your theme. i hope your lady bugs are the super kind!


  2. Anonymous

    Hope you have nice lady bugs! Your pool plants are so beautiful. I'm with Dawn, I am tired this a.m. Hope you have a good day.


  3. I used to love Lady Bugs until over the last couple of years they've decided that they would prefer to live inside of my house than outside. Since then, I consider them a menace and kill them all!


  4. i hope they are the good ones! in ca i used to buy bags of lady bugs from home depot for the roses…my kids always had fun letting them free…i haven't seen bagged ladybugs since we moved…i don't know if it's still a thing…


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