The News isn’t always so joyful.

I hate to share ‘not fun’ news, but sometimes that is what we have.
Last week my Mom was finally given an answer to her health issues; ovarian cancer.
Yeah. That pretty much sucks rotten clams.

She has a great attitude. 
The kicker is that she had a hysterectomy at age 40 and the (%$#$!!!) Dr. only took one of her ovaries; she was under the impression that both were to be taken….she was mad at him at the time. Imagine how she feels about him now.
My mom is sweet as heck southern woman with lovely manners….but I’d hate to hear what she would say to that man right now.  
We’re only thinking positive thoughts. ONLY.

She’s in the hospital now and will start chemo today.
Not exactly sure of the protocol; there was also mention of surgery.
I’m flying up there today.

In case you didn’t know this, my Mom is the 

I declared earlier this week that I’m going to have my ovaries removed.
They’re taking up prime real estate and I’ve NO need for them anymore. THEN, I saw on the news that Angelina Jolie is having hers removed. 
Trend Setter WHO?? Trend setter Suz.
If you recall, I had that BRCA test last June and it was negative, but I’m still going to seriously talk with my Dr. about this.

Anyhoo….positive thoughts, prayers, good mojo and whatever else you can come up with would be great.
Anyone proficient at Indian healing dances? If so, please record that for my viewing pleasure.


24 thoughts on “The News isn’t always so joyful.”

  1. Oh My—I am so sorry to hear this, Suz… I know you do a good job at staying positive and I'm sure your Mom does also… Being positive is in your genes…. SO—keep those happy thoughts coming!!!!! God Bless… Prayers for your Mom and for YOU…Hugs,Betsy


  2. since i know you are checking this bev, i am sending all kinds of love and prayers your way. i hate this news… but i believe in miracles and am praying for you to be healed on earth. i am so glad suz is on her way to you… and if anyone can cheer up a room, it is her. xoxo


  3. Oh so sorry to hear the sad news. I will be thinking of all of you as you face this uncertain future together. Blessings to your mom. I'll be thinking special positive thoughts for her recovery.


  4. Suz, I am so so sorry to hear this!! I'm sending lots of positive thoughts her way. Your way,too!! I would be furious with the doctor right now and I hope there are steps your mom can take dealing with this. I had a complete hysterectomy a few years ago and it was a decision I never regretted. Go talk to your doctor, hopefully he'll be able to give you some good info!


  5. Can I just hit 'like' on what Dawn said? How about 'love'? So true. I am praying for you too. Hugs and love to both of you sweet ladies.


  6. We'll definitely keep your Mom (and your whole family) in our prayers. A good attitude can do wonders when fighting cancer. Since she's related to you, I'm hopeful that she will beat this thing.


  7. Dearest Suz, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, especially with your mom. I am sending much love and solidarity to you. xoxoxo


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