A few weeks ago the coach and I had a too much fun at the Tortuga festival in Fort Lauderdale along with our pals Kelly and Don.
Can you really have too much fun?
I take it back, you can’t. 
A huge two day festival ON the beach with three stages. And much fun. 
You’ll not catch the four of us in that crowd. Or in THAT hot sun.
We’ve declared that we don’t do ‘general population’ anymore.
Too old. Too tired. We enjoy our personal space too much and our skin; lord do I love keeping my skin from being fried.

Kelly, Don, Suz and Da’ Coach
At the front of the stage, in the shade. Like a spade.
I’m not sure what that spade comment means, but it rhymes. 
 Some pics from the festival…..I didn’t go there a country music fan, but I’ve since drank the kool-aid, and by kook-aid, I mean ice cold wine. 
On stage with Colt Ford
The Coach ran into Chase Rice backstage. 
We enjoyed music by Kenny Chesney, The Band Perry, Zac Brown Band, The Doobie brothers and so many other fabulous artists!

You might not have known this, but Kenny Chesney has an award winning derriere.

We looked down on Trace Adkins. I know….that’s not really polite.  I blame it on the ice cold wine!

I had a blast with MY rock star!
Sunday morning when we were checking out of our hotel, Kelly and I had a good laugh over our matching outfits. We’ve been doing THAT sort of thing accidentally for more than 20 years!!!
Surely the Coach was placing a drink order?

Has anyone else been privy to great live music lately?

18 thoughts on “Tortuga

  1. That looks like so much fun!! The first pics of the crowd made me go \”no way\” but then when I read you were off to the side, I thought I could handle that. Same as you, I'm not a big fan of crowds anymore…


  2. Looks like you had a great time. So glad you could get away with your man and your friends. I'm with you on the people situation though. Hubs and I seriously consider where and when we are going to go somewhere because we are not into crowds. At ALL. Like we go out to dinner at 5:30. And we hardly ever do anything fun over spring break because hello…everybody else is on spring break too. The nerve of some people. One exception for us is Disney of course. And even then, we pulled away from the parking lot at the airport 'at home' and declared it to be a 'people free weekend'. It was heavenly after rubbing elbows with all of humanity for 6 days.


  3. Anonymous

    The last time I got anywhere close to a large crowd of people was at the Varsity in Alpharetta before a Zac Brown concert at Verizon! So happy you guys had this opportunity to have lots of fun.


  4. Looks like a fantastic time had by all- I would have been in the shade also- the sun is not my friend anymore. I have begun slathering Eucerin face lotion on every morning, and have vowed to not mow this summer. Now if I can just ignore how long it takes the dh to get around to it- I'll have it made!


  5. Hi there, I asked George about you recently asking if you had been around…. I have missed you… BUT–I'm not around much either –so, Oh Well… We love country music and except for the crowds and the heat, we would have enjoyed those concerts. I love Kenny Chesney (did you know he's from East Tennessee????), Trace Adkins, Band Perry (also from TENNESSEE), etc… Wow—the Doobie Brothers would take us back a few years, huh???? Sounds like loads of fun —and I love your outfits (all of them).Hugs,Betsy


  6. What a truly fabulous way to spend a weekend! And I'm with you, although I adore the sun crowds like that are not my thing, I think your spot in the shade looked like the perfect place to take in some great Country Music!


  7. Now THAT looks like a real get-away. So glad that you were able to do this with you Coach and your dear friends. I am not a fan of country music, but the company, that venue and the perks would certainly make up for it…ON THE BEACH? That sunshine, those boats anchored offshore, the excellent seats…you know how to have fun, my friend!


  8. I too am too old and too short for the crowd. I'm spoiled by my brother in law who always has an in to get us tickets right up front for Summerfest concerts in Milwaukee every summer. Hoping to see our buddy Zac Brown again this year. And of course, Dave. Always Dave Matthews!


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