TGIF~Like sands through the hourglass….so was this past week.

Time is just a slip, slip, slipping away. All week long I had thoughts to blog about, but didn’t find the time to sit and write type them down.
While we were all still in GA after Mom passed we packed up *most* of her apartment. The girls boxed up things they would like to have, as did I. A lot of the furniture LoLo wanted to keep for her future place; Linds is still looking at a few years of dorm life.
This past weekend Lolo, her BF and her BF’s brother drove up there in one of our work trucks and (with the help of my Aunt and Uncle) loaded it all up and drove back home.
I went up to our shop on Monday to pick up my boxes and see where they were going to ‘store’ my Mom’s furniture until Lolo could use it.
Seeing all my Mom’s beloved items there in the corner of our warehouse was almost too much.
Unpacking the boxes over the next few days proved to be too much for my fragile heart.
Seeing her stuff as well as some of my Brother’s stuff….made me feel like an orphan.
So, I had myself a good old fashioned pity party.
Of course, in the midst of my pity party I found a few things to laugh about. 
(My mother and brother both had a love for QVC….I’ll share that little nugget soon, because I’m unsure if we were really related.)
I’m getting through it. Gosh darn That grief…..she is an evil Mo’Fo. 
So, without making this a dull, down in the dumps post I want to share something that I did for my Mom as a birthday gift back in April. 
Mom has had this huge cabinet forever. Or at least back to around 1988. 
For the last 5 years or so, she’s wanted to paint it. But that was a big undertaking.
I figured since I was there hanging out with her, I might as well take on the challenge between Dr’s appointments. It took me about 4 days total. The color is not nearly as periwinkle as it shows; more of a soft blue with a black top. 
Mom loved it so much. I only wish she was able to enjoy it longer.

 Lolo wanted it something bad, and since it’s really more country than our house, I thought it would be great for her next place. 
I know that my Mom would be SO pleased that the girls and I will be using her beloved items in our homes. The cabinet, tables, her beloved Johnson Bros dishes, silverware, stainless pots/pans etc.
Oh, and her milk glass collection? I practically had to shank Lolo for that!
Wishing you all a sweet weekend with your favorite people. 
Me? I’m cleaning out my garden and sorting through some of my favorite peoples stuff. 

18 thoughts on “TGIF~Like sands through the hourglass….so was this past week.

  1. Anonymous

    Oh, Suzanne. My heart goes out to you. I know how heartbreaking it was to see your mom and brother's items in your warehouse. As you say, your mom would be so happy that you and the girls will be enjoying her treasures for years to come. What an awesome job you did on the furniture. I see your mom's cookbook like my mom's displayed in the photo you shared, and some of the milkglass. The grieving process is different for each of us. Perhaps, you needed that big cry upon seeing her things….it will get easier with time. I know you said you feel like an orphan…just remember you have lots of blog \”sisters\” who love you and are praying for you. xoxo


  2. That cabinet is absolutely beautiful. The paint made such a difference. That is a pretty big hole in your heart. It will take time to heal. Take the time, let the pain come and go, and with time it will get more bearable. My heart goes out to you. You have been in my thoughts often.


  3. The nature of grief is like that. Sometimes it just rears its ugly head and nothing to do but give in to it. I remember packing up my mother's things and it was a difficult time indeed. And I speak from experience…sometimes its better to feel like an orphan than to deal with a sibling who wants to take all the good things and give you the rest.


  4. Really sorry for your loss. I haven't been around much in this here blog world, but I remember one of the last comments I left before disappearing was hoping for the best for your mom, I believe at that time you had just found out some bad news. Anyway, and today I read this. Just want to say sorry. But here's what I know from experience. Those items that belonged to your mom that you are going to keep, while at first will bring you sadness when you look at them, in time, will bring you much joy as you remember her in a different light. The things I have of my moms while at first made my heart ache when looking at them, now put a smile on my face. I'm sure this will happen for you to, it just takes time. Again, my belated condolences. The cabinet…….awesome.


  5. What you are doing/have done is VERY HARD WORK…hard, hard, hard. There are no words for the necessary act of going through a beloved's possessions. You are brave and strong and loving.I LOVE what you did with that hutch; lucky LoLo to be its next hostess! Sending much love in these tender days…


  6. I didn't know, Suz. So, I am sitting here amidst laundry to be folded and fast food supper bags with tears streaming down my cheeks. I will pray for your every single day. Please know that your mom will be in my thoughts. Sending all the love I can muster, Becky.


  7. oh no, that is the hard part…going through all the stuff, i'm so sorry…love the way the hutch turned out and i am glad your mom got to enjoy it for a little while…i ended up with my mom's old hutch that we've had since i was a little kid…it's maple and i've been wanting to paint it forever too! it's just been hanging out in the basement but we are moving in a few weeks (close by) and i want to use it in my dining room so i'll paint if once we get moved in and settled…hope it turns out half as nice as yours!


  8. It turned out just lovely. Your mama was able to enjoy it for a while. I know that makes you happy. And to know it will be enjoyed by your daughter now…so sweet. I would have fought over the milk glass, too. 😉


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