Bob Barker, is that YOU?

My Mom was not a big TV watcher; as in, she didn’t watch a variety of shows.  
 I didn’t really know that until recently. I haven’t lived with my Mom since I was 15 years old, so spending so much time with her recently was eye-opening.
The Price Is Right was her only go-to daytime show. (she’s been laid off the past year and had settled into a routine) We stopped what we were doing at 11am to watch The Price is Right. 
I had many flashbacks of spending the summers with my Grandma and we stopped everything when her ‘stories’ {soap operas} came on TV. 
Did you know that Bob Barker had retired? Well, now you do.
Bob was replaced by Drew Carey, that funny guy who used to be really large and now is just regular-sized, but super cute and funny. 
It was most inconvenient when we were in the hospital because you’d not see a Dr. until 11am.
Never failed….they wouldn’t show up until Mom was watching her show. She and I would exchange knowing looks that meant: How dare they?
Quick, everyone avoid the camera!  Circa 1990. Terrible picture of Suz, Mom and Mark, but it’s the only one that exists after 1980. 
The only other show she really enjoyed was QVC.
I know. That’s not really a show, it’s shopping. My Mom’s favorite sport was shopping.
I’ve never been a TV shopping kind of girl, but let me tell you, I was tempted to purchase SO many things that I DIDN’T know that I wanted or needed in my life….those TV selling people are that good. 
And my Mom knew them all by name. ALL of them. Cracked me up. She could watch that show anytime, even if it was a rerun.
I’m not a big shopper, but I appeased her by watching and kept my wallet in the other room. Those salespeople are that good.
So, imagine my surprise when I was going through my Brother Marks wallet and found that he had a QVC shopping card.
Mark passed away in 1990; I had NO idea that QVC even existed that long ago!
I shared that tidbit with my Aunt Trisha and she also wondered if I was really related to the two of them! 

I’m starting to wonder if Mark was right when he told me that I was found at the local park, I thought he was just being mean. 

17 thoughts on “Bob Barker, is that YOU?

  1. I loved this post so much. The picture is perfection. The first time I watched QVC was when I would stay up late on Saturday nights on summer break from college. I would sleep on the couch in the living room. I used to want every single thing also. One time I bought my mom a vaccum. She says it is the best vacume she has ever had. I don't know how to spell vaccume. I should google, instead of trying 3 ways! It's V-a-c-u-u-m. Who would have ever known? Happy Wednesday. Seek the sunshine. XO


  2. Anonymous

    Love the picture! Too funny about the doctors always showing up as The Price Is Right was coming on tv. That just figures!The hosts on the QVC shows amaze me talking and talking about an item….how much can you say about it??? lolAmazing that Mark had a QVC card. I was the baby sister too; Larry and Karen told me I was from the zoo!


  3. i am loving knowing that while you & your mom were watching price is right, i was too!!! you have to watch if you are having a sick day from work, did you know that?! i think drew carey is doing an okay job of filling bob barker's shoes… but i do miss bob.yes, those QVC people are really good! eric likes to watch… i am glad he doesn't know his cc# by heart… he is too lazy to get up and get his wallet from the other room… unless they are selling christmas stuff… in july.


  4. Do I dare admit I knew Drew had taken over the reins of the Price is Right? Ohh and shopping as a sport? It should be in the Olympics, no? Glad you have some new fun memories to reflect on with your Mom. xo


  5. Stories! That's what they called them in the olden days. Shh. The stories are on. Days of our Lives, The Doctors and Another World on NBC. That photo is so cute. Who wants to look at a camera anyway?The things we learn! My friend's mama passed away years ago. They had a huge yard sale before selling the house. I had never seen so much QVC merchandise (still in the boxes!) in my life. Apparently, Mrs. Helen finished up her family tree research and decided she should shop til she dropped. Years and years worth of stuff was sold. She made some yard sale people very, very happy.


  6. Stories, Hah! That's like my Grandmother saying she needed her medicine for her headache (aka Coca Cola)!Oh well, those are the days of our lives….


  7. I love it, Susan. Those are the Days of our Lives, my favorite \”story\”. Keep those memories close to your heart, Suzy. They will make you smile when you feel like crying. I find myself singing the silly songs that my mama used to sing to us now to my grandchildren. The kids don't even remember me singing them before.


  8. Ha, ha! My mom was hooked on soap operas when I was growing up. She would sit in front of the tv with a deck of cards and play solitaire. I guess that was her \”down time\”!


  9. My neighbor buys from QVC all the time – – – – I have wondered if they bought a UPS truck just to deliver her purchases!!! She swears by their stuff and I have to admit she has gotten some good stuff. It is humorous though to discover quirks about people. I can't tell every thing we discovered when my mom passed – – – but I admire her TONS for the secrets she thought were safe – – and the sacrifices she made for us.


  10. I know it's hard sifting through belongings. But that is a pretty funny gem you found. I can't deal with home shopping. or QVC. I'm more of an Amazon kinda girl. Need. Find. Order. Have. Not oh I think I need that. Cha-ching. LOL Hugs and love to you as you navigate all of this. : /


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