Do you remember when this # meant the POUND sign? Now it’s a hashtag. *sigh*
We have an electric gate at our house and on occasion I have to give out the gate code. 
If the person getting the code is under 30, I tell them to hit the hashtag and then the digits. 
If the person is over 30, I tell them to hit the pound key and then the digits. 
If I don’t like the person, I tell them to pound sand.
So, guess who turned 22 this week?
My firstborn. My lovechild. My sweet cheeks. My sugar britches.
My Lolo
You’ll not believe how cute she was as a toddler AND at the same time she was driving me bonkers with her energy.
I actually declared that she would be an only child. Thank goodness my declarations mean nothing. 
Did you know that cats LOVE wearing hats? Cats still don’t know this. 

I might have been a bit protective….she’s lucky she didn’t have bubble wrap from head to toe!

We had a lovely dinner at one of those overpriced Japanese places where they cook your food right in front of your face so that you’re concerned all night about your hair catching on fire.
Good stuff. 
G’pa, G’ma, SugarDaddy, Suz, Lolo and Lolo’s beau. 
 Linds wasn’t able to join us for dinner….and that right there was blogworthy. You should always make sure you confirm the LOCATION of the dining establishment when there are more than one within a 30 mile radius. *sigh*
So, the next day the original four had a lovely lunch together. I love my people so much!!!
I love it when they pose for me; such good little posers. 
Coach and I are so proud of the young woman that she has become. 
She’s compassionate, witty, loving and more intelligent than we can intellectually comprehend. 
Lolo will finish up her last year of college with a dual degree this coming spring; then the world is her oyster.
Sadly she doesn’t care for oysters, so she’ll have to deal with that.

19 thoughts on “#22

  1. Aw, happy birthday to her! It doesn't seem right that they were young when this blog started but now they are old. But WE on the other hand are the exact same age. ; ) Love the pics and the smiling faces. Makes my heart happy! 🙂 Also..they are still pound signs in my head even though I have had the hashtag thing #explained to me. ; )


  2. laughing over your pound sign dilemma… do you know that until about 6 months ago i didn't even put that all together? that the hashtag & the pound sign were the same? if you had blogged about this seven months ago i would have known sooner. i see coach has a new blog nickname!?!?!what??? i thought you just cut linds out of the picture!!!!! i am sure there is a story about this….


  3. What a darling then and now! My son has a 3 year old little rooster. It's usually the second born that's a hand full. My boy was second born and he is being paid back by his first born. Thank goodness they had another. Their baby girl is an angel however she did stomp her foot at her brother yesterday. She's beginning to defend herself. I do love that little booger though. He's my first GRAND child. He's grand no matter what he does.


  4. Dual degree – – – very very impressive! And I got tickled about you being overprotective with all her safety gear – – and her stomach and back are totally exposed with no T-shirt. If she had fallen, she could have gotten scars that would ruin a future bathing suit \”look\”. Her childhood pics remind me of my baby (who is the mom of our grands). Lolo looks so full of adventure, fun, and a zest for life. I am so thankful and happy for you all for the good times and memories.We have a Japanese restaurant memory, too, – – of an anniversary dinner – – – and the gas fumes of the fire from cooktop wafting in my face which about made me sick – – and I won't give any other details. Good food though!!!! P.S. I don't care for oysters either.


  5. I'm one you'd have to tell to hit the pound key. I'd never get the hashtag. TV talk shows that talk about tweets and hashtags always sound silly to me.Your Lolo was an adorable baby, and she's become a beautiful young woman. No wonder you're proud. You should be!


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