Frothing and my very close encounter with a laser.

We’ve lots of pricey items that we’ve coveted, needed, loved in our life. 
But this inexpensive item is one of my daily favorites now; our $7.95 milk frother.
Why didn’t all of you tell me that I needed this before? 

Why hold out on me? I thought we were friends. 

The Coach and I are trying to limit our dairy and sugar; frothing a little bit of low fat milk makes it seem like MORE milk; and it’s magical in my coffee. 
Oh, how I love my morning cup of joe.


I had some work done last week. You know I’m pretty forthcoming with my vanity issues. Some of this work was for medical reasons, some was for vanity. 
 The Coach thinks I’m crazy, but he knew what he was getting into way back in 1985 when I had my lip gloss collection organized by flavor and season. 
I had my varicose (veryclose) veins treated; I had some large ones on my left leg that were actually hindering circulation. I know. I felt as though I was moving at half speed. HA.
 That contraption on the stove? I’ll have to blog about that one day….one of Coach’s $$ kitchen gadgets. It looks a bit obscene to me. 

I opted to have the extra large veins on my hands done at the same time. That’s the vanity part. I’m glad I did. I had the hands of an 80 year old woman. I’m not exaggerating. I never exaggerate.

Ok, well I did one time, but that might be an exaggeration.
I had my spider veins treated back in 2010.  There was some improvement, but they came back. This newer treatment is more invasive; will hopefully keep the larger/varicose veins at bay.
 They poke a hole in the vein, then shove a tubelike laser inside and blast them.
You’ll notice I’m not a licensed Dr. with that type of verbiage.

I don’t want to point fingers, but my Mom had more visible veins on her legs than any human on the planet. This is hereditary; just like our shining personalities.

I won’t share the photos of my hands yet because I’m still bruised; but I can already see improvement. I believe I’ll have the hands of a 60year soon; which is ok, since I’m almost 48. I call that progress. 
I’m going with the old fashioned (Advanced Surface Ablation ) laser surgery as opposed to the lasik flavor. 
The Dr. thought that would be better for my situation; my eyes are dry people.
This procedure will require a bit more of a recovery time. A few days as opposed to an actual day. My vision should be fabulous within a week or two.

I’m really hoping that this laser surgery will give me the super powers to start fires with my eyes. That would come in handy when I encounter A-holes. 
I’m kidding. I won’t actually burn people with my eyes. 
Or will I?
Have a great weekend my friends!

17 thoughts on “Frothing and my very close encounter with a laser.

  1. What a way to have to go around the house. All wrapped up. At least you can wear shorts. I am looking forward to the debut of the hands and leg. I'm sure it will be quite an reveal! : ) My first thought was the deal on the stove. What gives? Looks a bit like something sold in..well..someplace I have never been. ; ) Happy healing, my friend.


  2. Anonymous

    As one southerner to another, I'll say, \”Bless your heart.\” I had no idea you had been through all of this. I hope the eye surgery goes well and that your leg/hands continue to improve. As for the frother, I'd love one! Forever, I have loved my a.m. coffee and in recent months, we enjoy a cup late afternoon. We decided we don't do anything else fun, we'll live dangerously and have another cup of cafe'!!! Hope you have a nice weekend. Love and very gentle hugs to you.


  3. Don't hate me, but I've had one of those frothers for years. Hardly ever use it though… I hope the surgeries bring you the results you want and good luck for the next one!


  4. Weeeelll…at least you don't have \”man hands\”! Nothing I can do about that. :(I asked my eye dr. about lasik, and he told me to wait. He said I'd get cataracts and then I could have implants. You know what that means: no more contacts! 🙂


  5. First – -Photo-bomber dog butt in the picture – – wouldn't be your blog without it. LOL!Second – – I am totally impressed you did the blog with one hand bandaged!!!! What's my excuse? I have heard about those laser surgeries on \”The Doctors\” TV Show – – see how great my medical references are?!! How are you with pain from this on a scale of 1 to 10 (learned that in physical therapy)? Someone ins our church had hers done but I don't know what kind of surgery and she said it was more painful that what she anticipated.Third – – – dry eyes – – have had them for 32 years. (Result of second pregnancy – – messed up immune system). I spend about $100 monthly for products – – – that have kept my corneas in very very very good condition. Thera-tears Gel during the day. (will blur vision for just a minute or two but it is long-lasting). Wash eyelids night and morning with Occu-Soft pads/rinse with either Thera-tears Liquid or Tears Naturale. Do NOT – NOT – NOT use products with preservatives. They destroy the natural antibiotic qualities of your tears – – – learned that expensive lesson in year two. At night before sleeping, use an ointment like Systane ointment. When eyes are irritated by seasonal allergies – – get an Rx for Erythromycin ointment. Did not mean to write all that to you but I have dealt with the dry eyes for years and following the above regiment has kept my eyes from physically hurting.Praying your healing is quick.


  6. I've always wanted to have one of those burning gazes they talk about in books. Maybe surgery is the answer!A milk frother? I had no idea they existed. Now that I do, I'm haunted by the need for one.


  7. You are getting more gorgeous by the second girl…especially now the ginormous veins are going away! That sounds really painful! And I'd like to have one of those gazes of mass destruction. I know a lot of people it would come in handy with. Heal quickly!


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