The Crape Update

I’m absolutely positive that your’e all wondering how my baby crapes are doing.
Remember when I planted 20 of them back in 2009 hoping to block my messy neighbor?
What? You don’t remember? What? You have your own life to lead? The nerve.
Anyhoo… good blog friend Mildred blogged about the blooming crapes in her area and I commented that mine were doing so good. She suggested that I share some photos. Now, don’t go thinking that I will always heed the ideas or suggestions of others; this is a rare case. ; )
Needless to say, they like the climate and my yard. Ok, lets be real. They like ME!
 Most of them are about 9-12 feet tall. It’s hard to get the perspective with so much green. 
I should have photographed them about a month ago when they were in full bloom. 
What can I say? I’m behind a bit. Just last week I realized my wall calendar was still on March. 
March for heavens sakes and here it is June. 
Ok. It’s almost August. I can’t deny it. 
This past fall the Coach and I decided to plant more (10) on the south side of our property knowing that someone would eventually purchase this wooded area and plop a shack on it. 
We really don’t want to see anyone. Ok, we really don’t want anyone to SEE us. 
What do we have to hide? Not much really….aside from the fact that I like to work in my garden wearing a two piece. THAT does not need to end up on Facebook or TMZ! *Shiver*
Have you got anything good growing in your yard? 
If you live in Colorado, lets keep your garden on the down low. 

11 thoughts on “The Crape Update

  1. Anonymous

    June, LOL!!! Love your crapes and obviously they do love you! Did not know you had planted even more. I don't work in a 2-piece but I do fall down a lot and don't want the neighbors to wonder about me being drunk!!! lol Thanks for sharing even though it is rare for you to heed a suggestion…I feel special! Lots of love, M


  2. I love crape myrtles! They grow very well here in North Carolina. The only problem we have is that the Japanese beetles love to eat the blooms off ours so we are constantly spraying! My husband is going to try killing the larvae this fall in the hopes that there are less of them next year…fingers crossed!


  3. I haven't posted our crepe myrtle update. I don't have them, but the park in the middle of town has lovely, old ones that I love to photograph. We have two in our yard that are the same size as when we planted them 20 years ago. I threaten to pull them up since they don't bloom at all. I just can't bring myself to do it. 😉 From four years ago, but they are just as lovely.


  4. I do remember your crapes. I actually remember us talking about what they refer to as \”crape murder\” when they get pruned within an inch of their lives. 😉 We planted three \”sticks\” several years ago and they have gotten huge. We may seriously need to cut them back this year…


  5. Those are some of my favorite flowering bushes/trees. They are in major bloom around town right now – – just gorgeous. Our yard has too many trees for them to flourish here.


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