Life, Death, Margaritas and traveling to Ireland. Part Dos

Planning the service for my Mom’s celebration wasn’t too difficult. The two people employed by Honey Creek at the Woodlands cemetery were so darn helpful. (and extremely kind, compassionate and overall delightful) They let us do pretty much whatever we wanted as long as it was not damaging to the grounds.
We really wanted to have a priest do a service for my Mom since she was catholic; sadly priests won’t do services here. (not sure why, but I didn’t question) We did have a priest give her last rites while in hospice; so we were happy with that. BUT, My peeps at Honey Creek were able to find a catholic deacon; I didn’t even know they existed! He was a delightful man.
We decided to have a good family friend Victoria (who I’ve known since I was a pre-teen) sing for us; she is a trained opera singer…we chose “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” Sweet, but not sad.
My Cuz Patrick read Psalm 23.
Coach helping my cousin’s daughter add some paper/seed flowers to the area. (thanks Dawn!)
My Aunt Trisha and I placed mom’s box in the ground and then everyone who wanted to placed some dirt over the box as our Deacon said some prayers. Cuz Patrick then sang a verse of Amazing Grace while the rest of us released butterflies. (painted ladies)
Linds captured some of the butterflies with her go pro.
It was most beautiful.
And some of those butterflies caused us laughter; landing on us or refusing to fly at first.
There were some tears; but not too many and not any blubbering. (I did all that a few days prior!)
Then we went to the office area and had a beautiful lunch of Mexican food that I had ordered from a local caterer and my Aunt and Uncle made Margaritas. (The good kind and the virgin kind)
Bev was a fan of Margaritas and Mexican food. It was perfect.
I was able to see two of my cousins from my Mom’s side that I’ve not seen in over 10 years…and they now have children of their own! It was a bit like a family reunion.
I had to capture Cuz Patricks plate….mind you this was his second serving. We ate away our grief!
It was wonderful seeing so many of my mom’s friends and our family members. I know deep down that we did exactly as Bev would have wanted.
Next up…Ireland!!!

12 thoughts on “Life, Death, Margaritas and traveling to Ireland. Part Dos

  1. I loved reading about her service. It did make me cry though. I didn't cry for her since I know she is in Heaven. I just cried for you because I know you miss her. I LOVE Patrick. I would like him to move in my house with us.


  2. Always better to eat away grief than have it eat away at you.Most Priests do committal services only for members of their own parishes. Because of the extreme shortages of Priests, many such duties are usually delegated to one of the Deacons who can represent the Catholic Church. I think your mom would be just as glad to have the Deacon as she would the Priest.


  3. i love seeing these celebrating pics… i love that you could use those seeds there, and it was like i was there (except i didn't get a margarita!) you thought of every detail… and i just know your mom loved it all ❤


  4. Anonymous

    I remember you blogging about Bev's love of Mexican food and margaritas. So happy that you were surrounded by loved ones and you know I love the butterflies. So happy that Patrick was such a big part of the day. I know your Mom was smiling!


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