Celebrating a big number in a big way

 The Coach turned 50 on October 14th. I know. I can’t imagine being that old; but I’ll let you know in two years. 
We started planning this big trip quite a few months ago. We were coordinating it with our good friends Don and Kelly. 
Don turned 50 on October 7th; Don and Jeff have been friends since they were 8.
As in 8 years old.
As in 42 years ago they started hanging out and haven’t stopped. 
The plan was to have our trip span both birthdays and it worked out perfectly. 
Our travel agent searched high and low for an unusual/fun trip that would give the boys all the excitement and fun, while the girls would also have some excitement and fun. 
My travel agent is the bomb….he’s also my better half. 
The four of us met in ATL and flew to Denver together. 
(We had two different destinations (WY & CO) planned over the 12 days, that included 2 nights in Denver; 1 upon arrival and 1 the night prior to our departure home)
The next morning we drove four hours to our first destination.
Ok, actually, Don was navigating, so we drove 5+ hours to our destination. Following directions from a smart phone is not his forte’. Making love connections is. Don and his high school girlfriend set Coach and I up on our blind first date in 1985. 
I know. 
I shouldn’t give him hell for being a terrible navigator, but that’s how we roll. 
 Our cell service went out about 45 minutes before we arrived at Three Forks Ranch and Spa.  
We knew that would happen and seriously, it wasn’t even painful. 
I was still able to I-message the kids through wi-fi so all was well. 

 We were in Wyoming almost to our destination and we encountered our first traffic jam. Moo.

Besides being a hunting/fishing lodge with all the amenities of a five star hotel, this is also a working cattle ranch. 

The view from our room when we arrived. 
 The view from our room early the next morning. Apparently I knew I was on vacation….and add to that the time change and I was up early. This is not normal Suzanne behavior. 

I have some cute photos and stories to share of our adventures. I stepped out of my comfort zone a few times and for that I’d appreciate a plaque or a statue in my honor. Which ever is easier. 
Until next time.

13 thoughts on “Celebrating a big number in a big way

  1. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear about your adventures. 🙂 Great way to celebrate turning 50, vacation and good friends – what more could one ask for. It's funny, you and I have our birthday in September and our hubby's have birthday's in October… 😉


  2. This sounds like a great trip, and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures. Believe me, turning 50 is no big deal. Both you and Coach are still kids as far as I'm concerned.


  3. Anonymous

    Sorry to have gotten behind in blog reading. I knew about the big 50 trip due to fb, but these photos here are just beautiful! Awesome trip and lots of great memories!


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