Turns out that Fly fishing doesn’t require you to leave the ground.

A continuation of Coach and Don’s 50th birthday trip extravaganza.

When we arrived at the lodge were assigned two ‘guides’ for the duration of our stay.
The guides are in charge of our fun. Remember Julie from the Love Boat? So, yeah, we were assigned two Julies’ but these Julies’ fished, shot guns and archery…..along with other things I’m sure. We assumed they’d give us male guides; I assumed all the guides were males, but I was wrong. We had two young ladies who were so knowledgable in things that I’ve never even thought to do. 

Jeff and Don spent more time with them than Kelly and I. After all…..there was a spa at the lodge. I didn’t need a guide to get me there. 
The first thing the boys wanted to do was try fly fishing. They both loved it!
It’s all catch and return, so don’t fret over these lovely trout. I believe the Coach looks quite dashing in this get-up. 
Kelly and I decided we’d join them one afternoon and see what all the fuss was about.
This is us in front of the lodge prior to us catching ALL of the fish. 
Admit it, we look good in waders. They hide a myriad of things; I’m looking into finding a pair in  salmon or chartreuse for my spring wardrobe. 
I just couldn’t help myself. 
Turns out, I only look GOOD In the outfit….I’m actually terrible at fly fishing. 
Can I use the excuse that my eyesight was still so bad at the time? I literally had serious issues with depth perception. But I think, I just don’t have the patience for it. 
Don and Jeff caught lots of those babies. 

Even Kelly was a fish lover slayer. 
What I did catch was this Eagle watching us….he was most likely shaking his head in pity at my fishing skills.
 And later on, I caught my second wind while killing time in this hammock. I was already over my fly fishing pity party….I’ve got other things to do. Did I mention there was a spa?
 Still, it was a fun adventure to share with my Coach. 

“Here Suz, I got this for YOU!”

Has anyone else tried their hand at this elusive sport? 
If you just did it for the excuse to wear waders, fess up. 

11 thoughts on “Turns out that Fly fishing doesn’t require you to leave the ground.

  1. Fly fishing is quite an art and it's not surprising you didn't catch on the first day. It's a huge sport here with lots of clinics to teach you how to cast, etc. My favorite is for women following breast cancer surgery. The casting is great exercise for the arm and the streams bring peace of mind.


  2. Sounds fun and relaxing for everyone..but the fish. ; ) Looks so beautiful there..how could you pull yourself away to go home afterwards? Mountains..happy sigh.


  3. i love that shot of you with your leg kicked up! that smile tells me that you loved this trip and spending time with your hubby! TWO julies? that seems crazy. one julie handled that love boat all by herself! are you… high maintenance?! 🙂 you all look great in those waders… i hope you got to bring them home. the things we do for love…


  4. Anonymous

    I definitely need a pair of waders! Wow, the lodge is so nice and the weather looks perfect. I have never fished but in college, I did archery – it was fun!


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