Robin Who?

A continuation of Coach’s 50th birthday trip. 
We had many choices for our extracurricular activities; some of them involved actually going outside! 
(Some of you will get that joke; my children will be horrified by it.) 
All four of us were excited to try our hand at Archery. 
Our wonderful guides gave us directions on how to use these particular bows. This was nothing like the ones I used with my girl scouts years ago. 
Do you see the deep interest in mine and Kelly’s eyes?
A little (and perhaps surprising) fact about Kelly and I; aside from being peaceful, orchid growing, nature loving, recycling divas, we’re both obsessed with The Walking Dead. 
Yeah, as in the Zombie Apocalypse. 
One of our favorite characters on TWD is Daryl Dixon. Daryl is all bad azz with his crossbow.  
Kelly and I figured if we can master this bow business, we’d be good in the event of a zombie apocalypse.  And unless people stop using that damn Styrofoam, it’s going to happen.

Practicing using regular targets prior to starting the archery trail. 

Of course, the boys were pretty darn good at this. 
But guess what?! Kelly and I were kicking azz as well. 
Oh, except that time when I accidentally shot the bear in his paw. I’m sorry Pooh bear!
As a matter of fact, Kelly was the only one to make a “Robin Hood” Shot. (when your arrow splits/piggy backs a previous shot arrow)
 At one point, the Coach was setting up, aiming his bow at a target when one of our guides told him quietly to stop. She saw behind the target several REAL deer and didn’t want him to accidentally hit one of them. 
See, we’re NOT real killers. 
Well, unless we’re talking about zombies; then I’m taking as many down as I can. 
Our archery trail was almost 3 hours long.
We had so much fun, but this Robin Hood was ready for a nap…pretending to save the human race is exhausting!
Happy Monday!

11 thoughts on “Robin Who?

  1. Oh, so funny. We have several places with archery ranges and lessons here since the popularity of Hunger Games. Much of it was filmed here so folks want to make a bit of money from it. Hope your arm wasn't too sore afterwards.


  2. Anonymous

    Fun blog post and photos. I think I mentioned on fb that I was pretty darn good at archery in jr. college. It did not hurt that the teacher was a cute male!


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