She used to chase cows, now she’s chasing her next nap.

A few weeks ago the Coach and I were discussing adopting another pup. I’m perfectly happy with having one dog; it’s easy. Cocoa is 10 though, and for a boxer, 10 is really old. The Coach thought that it would be better to adopt while Cocoa was still here, so she could show the new dog how our house works.
We’re talking about adopting an older dog. No pups for me thankyouverymuch. We were going for the senior dogs; the ones that aren’t always given another opportunity for a home.
You know the ones, 4 teeth, all gray, doesn’t care to chase my yard bunnies.

I texted the Coach on a Friday morning when he was out of town at a softball tourney and said I was going to fill out the application online for adoption, just so we can get the ball rolling; knowing we’d not be ready until the house renovation was done. (Christmas? New Years?)
He was so excited and shared this news with the peeps who were with him at the time.

Fast forward to a few days later. One of the peeps at the table with Coach when he got the text is a friend of ours who is a rancher. (also a great softball coach) He has working dogs and one of his favorites was getting up in age and couldn’t keep up with the horses and cows anymore. So, she spent her days just sitting in the kennel.
Alone. Bored. Sad.
If she wasn’t a favorite, well, she’d not be there anymore.
Working dogs aren’t treated as we treat our pets. NeedIsayMore?

I don’t have to tell you how the rest of the story goes.

Meet Callie.
She’s 8 1/2 years young.
She’s part Catahoula leopard cur and part Black Mouth Cur.  (both working dogs)

Callie the retired cow dog.
She’s kind of a mess. The Coach lovingly referred to her as a “junk yard” dog.
I don’t think she understood the phrase, so she’s ok.

Callie who has never lived in a home.
Or had a bath.
Or a soft bed.
Or a day off work until recently.
Callie who has 6 teeth.

And heart worms.
And hook worms.
And an ear infection.
(all health concerns being addressed–no wonder she couldn’t keep up!)

Callie is now part of our clan.
our gang.
My people.

Today is her three week anniversary.
We took her with the thought that if she didn’t work out, she’d go back to the ranch.
No harm. No foul.
We believe she’s staying.

She has a great disposition and is very easy.
She and Cocoa are indifferent to each other. Not in love. Not in dislike.

Although, Callie is starting to think that she is the sole proprietor of both dog beds….even though she can only lay in one at a time. We’re working on this little bit of bullying issue.

So far, she’s tore up a pair of my underwear and a tank top of mine.
So yeah, she’s obsessed with me.

Can you blame her?

So, no boxers for us for now.
My next rescue is going to be another boxer.
Well, that’s my intention….usually rescues just show up whether you’re looking or not.


15 thoughts on “She used to chase cows, now she’s chasing her next nap.

  1. Anonymous

    She has such a sweet face. She's a lucky girl to have you as her people! She earned these lazy days and someone to love and care for her. Bless you for giving her a retirement home.


  2. Now that I have seen more than her face, she has the markings of a cow! Remember I love cows! Are you the one taking her to the vet? If so, that may be why she is destroying personal property – – or could be she is so crazy in love with you that she goes out of her mind behavior wise when she is near something of yours. Pets are funny – – and a lot of time – – – and at times – – – money! It makes you feel good to know she is being rewarded by you all for her days of hard work.


  3. I'm so glad you've adopted her and given her a nice, loving home for her old lady years. It bugs me that people have \”working\” dogs and don't get them proper care so they end up dying or being put down because of heart worms or the like. Happy occasion for Callie that she gets medical attention AND an awesome home with you!


  4. How wonderful that Callie is finally being treated like a member of the family rather than a hired hand. Hope she and Cocoa will come to really like each other. If our Lucy were older or much younger we would get another dog. But we fear it would make her miserable. I'm happy enough with one dog.


  5. She's beautiful. Looks a bit tired in the first picture, but then it sounds like she's been working hard all her life. Looks like she has found the perfect 'retirement' home.


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