When you have a minute can you whip up a lasagna for me?

In my family the tale of tales is most of the fun. Or is it the telling of tales?
You know, when something funny happens, we love to relive it over and over.
We perpetuate it. Beat it like a dead horse. 
I know for a fact that not every family finds this behavior to be entertaining.
My side of the family? Yes. Oh, hell yes.
While I was in GA this summer helping my Mom get through her health issues we had a discussion regarding my Brother Mark when he was sick. I was around 19 and he was deathly ill; battling the effects of AIDS. He hardly had an appetite. ever. One day he wanted a slurpie; one from the genuine slurpie store 7-11.
I was in a town that I didn’t live in, driving around looking for a 7-11 with no map, GPS or cell phone. It took me a few hours (I’m directionally challenged out of my comfort zone) and I finally found a slurpie and made it back to my Mom’s place.
Mark on the other hand had now decided the slurpie wasn’t as appetizing as it had been a few hours ago. 
While I was trying to entice my Mom with food, drinks, snacks etc….she was not having any of it. 
I retold this Slurpie story to her. She and I had a good laugh about it and she shared with me this little nugget:  
When HER mom was battling cancer, my Mom was trying to entice her with food, drinks, snacks etc….but her mom didn’t like the sound of anything.
Finally she said to my Mom, “oh, you know what? Lasagna sounds good right now.”

Well, have you ever made a lasagna appear quickly? Nope, that takes hours. Not a human on the planet has all the ingredients in their pantry/fridge at once. So, shopping, prepping, cooking.
Of course, you know how this story ends.
By the time my Mom “whipped” up the lasagna, her Mom didn’t want it anymore.
So, that became part of our daily conversation. 
Me: Mom, what do you want to eat? I’d mention a few things and of course, lasagna was always one of them. She never did ask me whip up a lasagna, although I would have. 
I missed her terribly on Thanksgiving as this was the holiday we always celebrated together.
This pic has nothing to do with this story, but it was on Thanksgiving morning. Lolo adopted Max recently. To be clear, Max is the dog, not the child. Callie was in the pic too, but decided she’d been photographed enough already and fled the scene. 
So, who is up for lasagna? I’ve got 5 hours to spare…….
Oh wait, I don’t have an oven. Or a kitchen.

Could I offer you a cherry slurpie?

12 thoughts on “When you have a minute can you whip up a lasagna for me?

  1. Anonymous

    I love the stories. Our family never forgets similar stories and we just keep re-living them and the nieces, etc. roll their eyes at us old folks!I know you missed your precious mom very much. Max is sure a cutie….he is a lucky dog!


  2. Slurpies from the 7/11 were favorites for my sister and me. I'm sorry you had to go through this holiday without your mama to share it with you. This time of year is hard. Praying you remember all those sweet, fun times together.


  3. oh dear, i laughed, i cried. and i'd love a lasagna. i am sure you could figure out how to whip one up, since you managed to cook your turkey in the laundry room! keep that laughter coming. xoxo maybe for my birthday we can have cherry slurpies with our chipotle?


  4. oh now you've got me craving lasagna and i do like cherry slurpees too 🙂 i didn't know your brother had aids…your family certainly has been through a lot but i love those happy memories you share 🙂 and btw, i am also directionally challenged out of my comfort zone…i almost go into panic mode when i have to drive somewhere i don't really know! great family photo!


  5. I can imagine how much you missed your mom on Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and lots of stories of your mom brought her close to you!


  6. I love those old stories. My husband loves to tell and retell all his stories…it's now a huge family joke and when he asks if he's ever told us the story of so and so, we all say \”YES!!! We've heard it a thousand times!!\”


  7. We have those stories as well. And they all start with \”do your remember?\” Sometimes I want to shout, \”Of course I remember. I was there too.\” \”Want some lasagna?\” is perfect! Even the pre-baked frozen kind takes over an hour.


  8. I know how you feel, this Thanksgiving definitely wasn't the same without my Dad (or Grandpa) as he is called. I know my Mom missed him a lot. I've done nothing but crave lemonade since he passed. Yep it's crazy!


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