All I want for Christmas is a squeegee.

We’re finally able to SEE some of the progress on our renovation. 
So much time and money spent on things I can’t see; like electrical, structural etc….who needs that when I want to see pretties?

We only added 100 square feet to the interior and it was taken from the covered lanai area. You can see on the upper photo where the breakfast nook bay window is? 
That wall has been brought out to the exterior column. We’ll no longer be having breakfast. 
Now, we’ve got 40 feet of pivoting glass doors along the back. 
Pivoting. Folding. As in To Pivot. Or to fold. 
A view from the interior. 
It’s not that we’re not neighborly, we just don’t want construction dirt in the door tracks. 
Or neighbors.  

I know how smart all of you are and you’re all about to purchase stock in glass cleaner.  

16 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is a squeegee.

  1. Oh my goodness! It's beautiful and it should be easy to clean since it's all just big panes of glass – unlike my windows which i don't ever clean because there's too many small panes and it's just a pain!


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