Do you remember me? I remember you. I don’t always remember ME, but I remember you.
And Adelle. She’s very memorable. But who isn’t ready to say GOODBYE to that song already.

Lots of happenings at La Casa De’ Busy Bee. In case you know actual spanish, I don’t.

Lolo has recently moved back home. Temporarily. We’re happy about this. Why? Cause we weren’t happy with her choice in a partner….it took her some time, but she’s come to the same conclusion as we did 5 minutes into the relationship. He’s NOT worthy.

So, she’s back home for now and with her comes her baggage.


She adopted him from the humane society a few months ago.

If you’re a mathematician as I am, we’re up to THREE dogs now in a matter of months.

He comes with his own battle wounds (burns) too; we have no idea what happened to him.

He’s sweet and jumpy. Like Tigger.
He’s also a cuddler. Like Suz.
He’s 17lbs of love. We think he’s part Basenji and perhaps chihuahua. Perhaps 3 years old.

He and Callie are the best of friends.
Cocoa is kinda like the third wheel….*sigh*

I feel like I need to tie a pork chop around Cocoa’s neck so someone will play with her.
What? Well, according to my Dad, that was the only way I had anyone to play with as a kid.

See why I am the way I am?

We’re making progress on our house renovation too. Not fast enough for our liking, but we’re trying to be patient. We’re SO thankful that we are even in the position to do this….so, we’ll bide our time.

I’ve got men coming and going around here ALL day long.
Hopefully the neighbors will still respect me when this is all said and done.

Happy Humpday.

Bee thankful.
Bee grateful.
Bee someone’s hero.


16 thoughts on “Hello~Hola

  1. thank you for the laughter today. i needed it. don't worry, i am sure i will need MORE on friday. you do not need a porkchop around our neck, for sure!!! as for those men, well if coach approves, what else can be said?!


  2. Max and Callie sure look comfortable on that couch. Is it theirs, or do they share it with other members of the family. As for those men, I'm sure the neighbors will still respect — and envy — you.


  3. It's hard letting our girls make their own choices sometimes, isn't it? Glad she's home with you and you get to hang out with her and Max. The picture of him and Callie on the couch is adorable. Hope your renovations will be done soon and we get to see the \”new\” house. 🙂


  4. Awww, he's so cute. Glad your daughter made the right decision. So scary to watch our kids fly and sometimes crash. Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and I mean the dogs too. Hey they are family right!


  5. Anonymous

    Good for Lolo! Max is a doll; so happy he has you guys as his forever family. Callie looks so cute curled up with tiny Max. Cocoa must be like my Kaboodle cat….she prefers her space!My email was hacked, lost my blog….this link should take you to every thing new until us OLD People screw it up again! lol Merry Christmas.


  6. Dear Suz, it is so good to see your photos with your peeps, animal and human. You did a great job planning Coach's birthday – what a fabulous trip! And your remodel looks like it's going to be beautiful. Glad that your sweet girl came back home to \”the fam\” after the breakup…a loving family is a sure place of refuge at a time like that, I know. The holidays bring back so many memories of loved ones who have gone ahead of us. I send prayers for comfort and love for your and your family. xoxo


  7. Good evening, Suz, I hope this finds you well and enjoying the holiday season. I am glad to hear that Lolo is home with you. So difficult to be the parent sometimes. Max looks like a sweet dog and he fits in well. I look forward to seeing more of your house…Take care, ~Natalie


  8. I REALLY need to catch up! Callie??? When did she happen? Where did she come from??? She looks adorable!!! I know that's a load off of your mind that Lolo came to her senses! Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas!


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