The new house, the new condo, the new Sherriff in town.

Good golly Miss Molly.
I’m a hawt mess.
Remember when I was able to post several times a week? 
Remember when I was able to read a few blogs each morning? 
Remember when I was super organized. 
Remember when I didn’t have to wear a bra 24/7?
Oh, me neither.
You’ll not believe this, but our renovation that we were hoping to have done by Thanksgiving is NOT.Finished.
Oh my lawd.
I’m ready to have my house back to normal.
Ready to cook a meal NOT in a toaster oven.

We’re getting there; a few more weeks.
Remember when I fretted about paint colors?

I’m so happy with my choices, so you don’t have to worry about that any longer.
The cell photo does not do it justice. {SW 7036 Accessible beige)

AND while all that is going on, we’re moving the girls into a cute little condo near their University. They’re more than pleased with the place.
IT’s super cute. Super safe and super DE-duper.
Well, except for this light fixture over the dining table.
What the heck?

I’m super excited that Lolo’s dog Max is leaving. I gave him his eviction notice this week when for the umpteenth time he’s got onto the lanai and terrorized the cats. Bastid. 

Lolo has started her internship with the Sherriff’s dept. SHE LOVES IT.
They had her driving the SWAT vehicle on the first day.

She’s already been on a death investigation where she had to step over a dead body to enter the residence….and it didn’t bother her.
AND she was deeply disappointed to learn that she will not be able to sit in on an autopsy.
Who is she and where did she come from? Not from my sissy genes.

20 thoughts on “The new house, the new condo, the new Sherriff in town.

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, I do love your color choice! Hoping everything goes smoothly and in a few weeks, you'll be back to slaving over a hot oven!!! Glad the girls love their condo. Congrats to Lolo….she must be like my niece, Brooke. Her first job was very much like Lolo's. Wishing you a great day.


  2. that light fixture looks like a bunch of tipped over martini glasses..what is going on with that?!! congrats to miss lolo! ashlyn worked in the er at our local hospital a couple of years, checking people in…the things she saw…ugh…she's now interning up in richmond once a week at the house of delegates…our smart girls are growing up! oh, i feel for you on this reno! hang in there, it will all be worth it!


  3. Glad she is enjoying the internship. I did one with the police department in college. The best part were the ride alongs. Funny story. My husband had to do a ride along once for his job and ended up being the first incident report of the night when he somehow shut his hand in the cruiser door.


  4. That's a great color! It's the perfect neutral without being too plain or too drab! What's the name of it? Also, your daughter? So cool!!!!! I think if I had to walk over a dead body I would be traumatized for life.


  5. I'm glad to hear you haven't been suffering from boredom with nothing going on. I'm glad to hear Lolo is enjoying her internship. You picked a beautiful color for your remodeling project, but I'm not sure about the light fixture in the girls' new condo.


  6. Your girls are amazing. I know that you both are SO proud of them.. AND—being patient just a little longer will make all of the changes totally worth it.. I KNOW you will love your NEW home..Take care my Friend.Hugs,Betsy


  7. It always takes much longer and costs much more than the estimates. They have to do it that way. If you knew upfront how long, expensive, and inconvenient it would be you would never undertake such a major change. But now the end is in sight.


  8. How nice that your girls still want to live together! You guys must have done something right! Good luck getting the reno done soon, I know I can't wait for the big reveal.


  9. Love seeing the progress on the house, but I am SURE you are ready to show off the DONE house, rather than just progress. Hang in there, sister! Yes, please tell us what LoLo is studying..because gah…good for her. I would be hiding in a corner somewhere and having bad dreams. Ha.


  10. How frustrating that those renos aren't finished yet, I can't even imagine how thrilled you will be when they're done. And your baby is all gown up and investigating and stuff? AMAZING (and happening a little too fast!)


  11. Anonymous

    Hi sweet friend! I'm catching up with you this a.m. Congrats to your sweet daughters and to you, too for surviving the reno! Stopping by to wish you all a blessed Easter. love ya


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