A Major(s) Milestone

So, I’m not so great with keeping up with my blog or my favorite bloggers. 
YOU are on my mind by the way.
We’re still trying to get acclimated into the house after the renovation. I consider myself the MOST organized person (that I know) and I spent 30 minutes tonight looking for Coach’s blood pressure cuff…..hell if I can find it. Hopefully he’ll be ok though. *fingers crossed*

Guess who graduated from college?

I’ll give you two guesses.
and Yes.
You’re so smart.
Our Lolo!!!

It took her five hard years, but she’s walking away with two degrees; psychology and criminal justice.
We’re so proud of her. She’s worked hard at school and hard at work. Our Lolo is a smart cookie with a goal in mind. 
Of course, that goal has changed a few times. *sigh*
From her facebook: 
Thank you to everyone who’s supported me through this crazy adventure. Especially my parents for dealing with me changing my career path 3,476,168 times. 
Ready for the next chapter 

 What else can you do? Support, support, support. 
 Her commencement was on Sunday morning May 1st at 9am. We had a lovely Mexican fiesta at the house that afternoon. 
 Lots of good family and friends in attendance. SO.Much.FUN. 
 Lolo had a few of her friends over; two of her friends also graduated that morning. 
 And of course all the proud grandparents were in attendance. 
Of course, my Mom was there in spirit. Hey, we had Margaritas in her honor….she would have been thrilled and I know she’s beaming at her first granddaughter doing good stuff. 
I swear to buddaa that I’m gonna blog more….I’ve got a lot to say.

14 thoughts on “A Major(s) Milestone

  1. Congratulations to Lolo (and you and Coach) on her achievements. The party looks as if it was a grand event. I hope you find the blood pressure cuff.


  2. Phenomenal achievements and update. You still beat me in blogging. Mine is soooooo old – – like me – – haha.It looks like a wonderful celebration. So glad you made a big deal over her accomplishments because they are a big deal. We are blessed to have law-abiding hard-working children and if we had time, energy, and money we might throw them a party every day!!!!


  3. Looks like it was a wonderful day. Congratulation Lolo on completing this chapter of your goals. Hang in there Mom, could be a few more changes to her agenda.


  4. Anonymous

    Congratulations to beautiful LoLo. Two majors! Incredible job!I love seeing the photos. Always nice to see Cuz Patrick. Suz, you look radiant. And yes, your Mom would be so proud of her granddaughter.


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