Goings on.

Despite my lack of posting, a lot of things have been going on.

I finally gave up on one part of my veggie garden. I’m a veggie quitter? I still have one garden going.  (although its too hot for much more than my eternal eggplant and some random peppers right now)

This one was a perpetual weed habitat because of the location. I blame my lawn maintenance man…..it’s easier than taking the blame myself. When he cuts the grass up above it all flies into this garden….and that grass up there always has weeds in it. *sigh* So the heavily mulch cover will help.

Anyhoo…..I’ve added native plants.

I used mostly butterfly attractors…..because I’m attracted to butterflies. And birds. And bees. And shiny objects.

I’ve become a softball widow….That man of mine has had the busiest softball travel schedule this year. (all of his girls are being scouted by colleges and he works hard to get the best options for them)
Tallahassee, Atlanta, Orlando, Sioux Falls, SD. Long weeks here and there for tourney’s and when he’s home lots and lots of practice nights.

Every year he says he’s going to retire from coaching and just ‘train’ (hitting) at home.
But every year his group of girls expands and they really don’t want him to retire. He’s selfless that way…..
When you have such a gift, you really have to give it.

Also, I finally got pics back from our photographer from our epic vow renewal in Key West.
Here are a few of my faves.

I think she did a great job making us look good!

I hope you’re all doing well!!

14 thoughts on “Goings on.

  1. Anonymous

    LOVE the photos. What a treasure these are. You look radiant and Coach is handsome; your love is so inspirational! I hope to plant some flowers/shrubs to attract butterflies, too. Wishing you an awesome August week!


  2. I'm about to give up on a lot of my flower beds due to the heat. Love your photos of your vow renewal – so darling. Key West is absolutely my favorite place in the world.Have a good week.Judy


  3. I just love seeing all of your pictures from 'that' special special occasion… LOVE them ALL…..Sorry about your veggie garden –but like flower gardens, it takes A LOT of work… The weeds prosper even when the flowers don't…. Dang those weeds….Have a good AUGUST –and try to stay COOL.Hugs,Betsy


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