Stripes and Bees

Hola! Happy Friday!

This whimsical little chest belonged to my Mom; I loved the style & I thought it was perfect for Lindsay’s old room (which is now a working guest-room) but the tan/cream/greenish color did not work at all. 

I’d himmed and hawed about what colors to paint it. I then tossed. Then I turned. I was pretty much wearing myself out thinking about it. 
I then asked my girl Kelly when she was visiting a few weeks ago. She suggested I pull in some Lavender from one of my recently purchased Bee watercolor prints. (Etsy)

Admit it; they’re just darling. 
So I took a leap and purchased a quart of lavender paint; I already had some left over white paint. 
BTW: I converted my paint to chalk paint.  (super easy and very easy to use)

 I think it came out just wonderful and my Mom would be proud. Actually, if she were here now this would be the guest room that she’d choose to sleep in. 

In case you care, the wall paint is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. (the most perfect gray in my opinion) And if you really care, when I look at the photo above it really irks me the way the pillows are propped unevenly. But, I’m gonna let that go….this ONE time. 

This room looks nothing like it did when Lindsay lived here. Although….there are remnants of her.  Seeing the actual floor is NOT a remnant of her.  Back in March just before our epic Country Hoe Down party we redid both girls rooms in one weekend. It was a whirlwhind. Ripped out the laminate flooring, ripped out both closet systems. Had both the rooms walls painted, all the trim painted, put in new closets, put in cork flooring in the closets and carpet in the both bedrooms. Whoooooo…..that was kinda crazy. 

So, is it weird that I have a shrine to Lindsay in her closet? Nahhhh……

{Those pink boots belonged to my Niece, then Lolo, then Lindsay. I adore them} 

It might be weird though that she and I have both recently put on her brownie vest for the fun of it. 

Have a BeeUtiFUL weekend!!!

12 thoughts on “Stripes and Bees

  1. The room looks great. I do love the bee prints. And I love the gray. We recently had two of our bathrooms painted a lighter gray and the adjoining hallways a bright blue. Gray is such a kind color.


  2. Anonymous

    I love the chest makeover! Your mom would love the lavender. The watercolors are gorgeous. When John and I are out and about and see bees, we always mention you! Love those pink boots. I remember having white go-go boots when I was a kid – lol


  3. I want the pink boots and cowboy hat!Great idea to go with lavender from the very cute bee paintings! You did a find job. Maybe interior design is your next career.


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