A little bit country, a little bit Vegas.

The Coach and I along with 6 of our lovely friends spent 5 days in Vegas. Or was it 6?
Ya know how things get fuzzy while in Vegas….
We went purposely for the Route 91 Harvest Festival. 
It was three days of awesome country music; starting around 3pm and ending around midnight each day. 
Drinks/snacks at the Irish Pub
We stayed at the Mandalay Bay hotel and literally walked across the street to the festival. 

I had to share a picture of the creepy hotel hallway. Our suite was at the end of a VERY long hallway and I expected the twin girls from The Shining to pop out every time I made that jaunt. 

The Coach booked us VIP tickets so we had great seats the entire weekend and it even included decent bathroom facilities; which is quite important in my book since I’m a potty diva. 
Billy Currington was my favorite one to see; I love his music. 
Some other favorites of mine were Martina McBride, Toby Keith, Chris Janson, Dustin Lynch, 
Little Big Town, Chris Young, and I danced my Azz off to Luke Bryan!! 
(No, YOU shake it for me Country Boy!)
Kelly and I posing with an Azz. 
 It’s so nice to travel and hang with drama-free friends. Our group is so easy and fun….game for anything!
I was able to wear my boots two of the nights….the weather was near perfect. 
One afternoon we decided to hang at a bar….an oxygen bar! It was quite nice as it also included some back/shoulder massage. I don’t want to say we’re all getting older….but we actually PAID for oxygen.
We had a direct flight in and out of Miami (almost 5 hours!) Luckily we were able to get home in time for our East Coast peeps to prep for Hurricane Matthew. 
We’re already planning our next adventure…..Nashville? Costa Rica? 

10 thoughts on “A little bit country, a little bit Vegas.

  1. Anonymous

    I had to laugh about the creepy hotel hallway! Looks like you guys had a blast. Sadly, I don't know most of the country singers you listed! I'm too OLD! Love you.


  2. It looks as if you saw quite a few wonderful performers at the festival. The entire trip looks like it was a lot of fun. I think you and your crew would enjoy a trip to Nashville.


  3. Hi, As I told you on FB, I LOVE Billy Currington… But—I love a lot of those musicians you got to see. What a neat trip… It's just SO neat to have great friends you enjoy traveling with.. We have another couple we travel with every October… This month we'll be with them in Kentucky…IF you get to Nashville, let us know and we'll catch up with you for a meal or something…Hugs,Betsy


  4. Love those oxygen bars in all kinds of flavors. I've only seen one. Luke Bryan is awesome and fun. He is married to a girl from my hometown. He comes through several times in the Fall and hunts on Washington County, Sandersville, GA land. Yelp! I'm dropping names now. His mother in law is just as down to earth as she can be but with a lot of class. Looks like great fun! I've not been to the country music festival since we moved here. Too crowed. Nashville is too big for this small town girl.


  5. I LOVE your adventures, Suz. LOVE 'em! Those boots of yours are fabulous. LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the azz picture. How are you so hilarious? I can't wait to live vicariously with you on your next adventure. I pray for you little police officer every day. Sending love and lots of oxygen. Becky


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