The one where almost everything is flying.

*The Flag
For Coach’s birthday the girls gifted him with a flagpole; he’s wanted one for the yard for a long time.
(The black/blue flag stands for Law Enforcement support)
The clanking of the flags/straps/clips in the wind reminds me of being back in public school. I loathed school, but I find the sound of the flag clanging comforting. If I ever get to therapy, I’m sure theres a reason for this.

(I have no idea why two videos show up. When I try to edit it only shows one)

*The garden
My new-ish butterfly garden is coming in really well. But now I’m now wondering if I’ve put in too many plants? I need to do some trimming. FYI: It’s a huge butterfly attractor for sure….but what I’m most surprised by is the amount of bee’s that are always present.
I’m talking nearly eleventy thousand bees.daily. Yes, I counted them and I’m exhausted.

*The butterflies
I’m still busy making monarchs.
Ok, I’m not ACTUALLY making them, I’m assisting them to have life. I’m a life assistant.

This week I’ve had 5 emerge….all females. If some boys don’t start showing up we’re gonna be in trouble; the girls need the boys to make babies. Well, at least thats how it works in nature.

But….a few weeks ago I did catch these two in the act of love.
Butterfly porn….yep, it happens in my yard.

*I took the dogs out to potty after dinner one night and Cocoa decided to forgo the potty action and have a little siesta by the pool; Harley joined in a minute later. These two old (11 & 17) critters are best buds.

*It’s been windy and kinda overcast all week and I LOVE IT. Really, we get too much sunshine around here…..I like a bit of a change.
Yeah, I just said that.
Also, the humidity is taking a bit of a break and the air has dried up a tad. Honest to goodness my skin felt it within 12 minutes. Death.Valley.Skin.for.SUZ.

If you need me, I’ll be in the bathroom applying moisturizer.

Have a great weekend my friends!

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16 thoughts on “The one where almost everything is flying.

  1. My husband has always wanted a flag, too. I'm thinking of one for the front porch. You have a green thumb! I would have half that amount or, if I'm honest, 1/4 that amount of flowers. Darn brown/black thumbs. Those babies are so cute.


  2. Monarchs have been MIA in these parts this year. We have more milkweed than I have ever seen, but not Monarchs! Perhaps I need to be come a \”life assistant.\” Is it hard? Enjoy Life!!!


  3. Anonymous

    Hi sweet friend! Love the flag pole and flags. Our first home was next door to an elem. school and I remember the sound of the flags clanging. Your butterfly garden is lovely! I am envious. Love seeing the monarch. Waving hi to Cocoa and Harley…so sweet. Wishing you a very fun weekend. xo


  4. The flag pole was a great gift idea. You should contact your Congressman and order a flag flown on a certain special day for Coach. Could be your anniversary, or his birthday, etc. Any day that is special to him. You order the flag and it will be flow over the Capitol on that special day. And then sent to you. I ordered one for my husband on his last day of work before he retired. He smiles at it a lot.No, you do not have too many plants in your butterfly garden. But those things do spread, don't they?


  5. My husband has always wanted a large flag pole in the front yard. Me, not so much. My compromise was to tell him to go for it but that he had to do the research, get the right size pole, get it installed, etc. And every now and then he'll say something about a flagpole and I'll tell him he the ball is in his court. My plan is working! 😉 And the picture of the butterflies? I am dying over here. I just assumed they would do it in the air like the birds!


  6. So how do you know whether a butterfly is male or female? Is it the colors? We, too, have a 17 years old cat. I blame it on that Hill's Science Diet cat food. Our vet calls her a '99 Model – – – like a car. He said, \”We don't see many of those.\”


  7. Loved the 'best buds' photo by the pool!!!And the flagpole is a GREAT gift…one that will be used long and well!!! Oh, and as far as I am concerned, you never have enough plants. Ya, lots of work….but oh so beautiful…bees and all.


  8. One of my FB buddies helps the Monarchs and other butterflies the way you do. Thank you! They need all the help they can get. Gardens are a lot of work, but bring such pleasure. Fun to see the best buds taking a break by the pool.


  9. thank you, nick wants a flag pole too for the front yard and you have just given me a great christmas present idea! i've been leaving it up to him to do but i guess i can make the purchase and win big 😉 i absolutely love your butterfly garden and the fact that you are a life assistant to the butterflies! the porn made me laugh! love your little cuties taking a siesta pool side and being a girl from southern california i totally understand what you mean about a little change in the weather! although we have major changes here in virginia, i still get excited about weather change! thanks again for linking girl!


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