Getting ready for the Fat Guy.

Did you hear the news? No? There’s a brand new Suzanne in town.
Actually, she arrived a few years ago. The less-stressed-less-crazed Suzanne.
Ok, on occasion the crazy Suzanne shows her face, but mostly she’s all chill and laid back.
{hey, lets check her pulse and make sure she’s still with us}

We had a great Thanksgiving. I had my head in the oven only for a few minutes….ya know, trying to rearrange those shelves, and I worked up a sweat. But I got through it with a lot of help from my people. It was a good day, but it seemed to fly by…back in the day we had a huge crowd and we visited, we ate, we played football and then ate again.
This year it was all visiting and the ONE meal, then bam it was over.
A small group of 10.

I had the trees up on Saturday. If you recall last year we were living in the midst of a huge renovation and we didn’t get to decorate….so I wasted NO time this year.
I believe this time last year I was convincing my electrician to put an outlet on this sliver of a wall in the family room. (I’m short on walls, but big on GLASS!) I knew I needed a nice spot for our big tree and voila!

It’s all turquoise, white, silver and pretty.
And it’s got that personal touch of my DNA.
Relax….DNA = pictures of my girlies!

I add new pics every year and I’m thinking I’ll continue doing that until someone demands that I stop.

And the sweet little tree has a nice cozy spot too.

This one is covered in homemade ornaments, pics of the girls and silly stuff, like Hello Kitty, GLEE and scuba diving bees.

And my newest addition is this lovely Santa that the Coach won   purchased at a charity auction last weekend. He (The Santa) and I made eye contact as soon as I entered the room…..he was to be MINE. 
I’m trying to decide what to name him….oh, wait, I’ll name him Santa! I’m so original and he’s so divine. 
And I know it’s not nice to brag, but I’ve already sent out party invitations for the following weekend, sent out our family Christmas cards and I’ve got everything ready for our company party this weekend.
Ok, I just annoyed myself. 
I’m really on the ball this year and I’m hoping to enjoy every minute of the celebrations. 
Of course, there were some projects I ‘wanted’ to get to, but hey….a girl can only get so much done while NOT being a hawt mess!
You know that come Christmas Eve I’ll remember that I forgot to finish my shopping though….that’s how I roll. HAHA!
Are you ready for the fat man to visit? No, I’m not talking about your weird Uncle.
All the best! 

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