Tis the Season to be a hostess with the mostess

December has been a humdinger for this girl.
This year I’m just about partied out and it ain’t over yet.
December 1st I co-hosted a big party/fundraiser with a good friend of mine.
Was it fun? For our 40+ guests it was a LOT of fun. For me, it was a lot of work. But, we raised some good $$ and that was the goal.
I’m the fundraising chair for our local Night To Shine; A prom for people with special needs (started by The Tim Tebow Foundation. I’m still working on collecting $$ as the prom isn’t until February.
On December 8th we had our annual company Christmas party for our employees.  I was able to enjoy a bit more this party….less work for me this night. IT was fabulous that both of our girls were able to join us and the other 90 guests we had. This year we added a DJ to the mix of our ‘play’ casino games.
The Coach teaching our girls and Lindsay’s friend how to play craps. This is good parenting, I swear. 
The familamdingdong
On December 16th we held our annual Christmas cocktail party at our house; this was a lot of fun, but again, the hostess was kinda pooped by the time the party started.  It takes a few weeks to get the house prepped for the party overnight guests (we had 6 guests stay). I think at 50, I’m starting to tire out more than I did a few years ago.

I’m never too tired to give my honey some sugar though…..when my children read this, they’ll gag a little bit.

Even Santa knows our parties are not to be missed…..what a ladies man he is!

Some of us….

We had a total of 38 guests….Lindsay was able to come, but Lolo has to work every other weekend. (She will be here Christmas Eve-Squeee!) It was a lot of fun and again….some dancing ensued and I could hardly move my knees the next day because I wanted to Drop it Like IT’S hot and get Low, Low, Low, looooowwwwww. LOL!
Suzanne needs to slow her roll….

Can you believe that both of my (kinda) blonde daughters now have dark hair? Light hair, dark hair, no hair, they’re the best of the best! It’s kind of disgusting how much I love them. 🙂

Anyhoo…..I’m pretty proud that I’ve updated the blog a few times this month; go me!
A few more days till Christmas Eve when we have our big family dinner; I’m gonna try real hard not to wear myself out.

Best wishes to all of my seven  readers! Merry Christmas!


This, That and The Other Thing

1) This

A few days after Thanksgiving I finally picked up the wishbone from the countertop and handed one side to the Coach.
Me: Lets do this.
Him: ohhhh, I don’t like this because it means one of us will lose.
Me: It’s ok, one of us will be a winner too.

We pulled it apart and we both lost.
Go figure.
We’re both losers. 🙂


2) That
I’m finally back in Monarch butterfly business.
Hurricane Erma did a number on my garden and the butterflies that inhabited our yard.

Slowly but surely, my numbers are growing and some mornings I feel like Snow white…..monarchs flying all around me in the garden. It’s a beautiful thing.


3) The Other Thing

Do you ever have a moment where you forget to spell the simplest of words? I’ve written Believe many many times…..but after a full day of Christmas decorating, it was beyond my comprehension.

I had a big giggle at my mistake and called it quits for that day.

I hope you are getting though this holiday season with all your wits about you….but if you’re like me, you’re completely out of wits and you get by on charm. 🙂