The Po-Po is in the house.

I have an announcement to make.

Lolo is a full time, full fledged Law enforcement officer.


Had you told me two years ago that this would be a ‘thing’ I would’ve laughed hard and taken your glass of liquor away from you because YOU must be inebriated.

She’s 23. Extremely educated, compassionate and intelligent.

She has two major degrees and turned down a superior grad school for Law enforcement.

When I started this blog I think she was in 9th grade; a softball player and was contemplating volleyball as a hobby.
Seriously. SHE blows my mind.
I only wish there were a million people like her, and millions LESS of the mean/angry people in the world that she will come into contact with.



Her graduation. It was something special. ALL of the people alongside of her are special people. They have the same common goal.


And in my opinion….anyone that has an issue with the police is an a-hole.

She called this academy outfit her “zoo keeper” outfit. 

She’ll always be my baby doll. 

She was completely miffed that she came in 2nd for her class in academics.
Just call her Miss 97.7%.
The top guy had a 98.2% GPA. And I consider him a showoff. *giggle giggle*

To answer all the common questions I’ve been getting:

Yes, she will be riding along side a mentor for a few months, then she’ll have her own patrol car.

No, her longterm goal is not in general law enforcement. She wants to specialize in detective work.

Yes, she is really smart at reading people. (That psychology degree comes in handy.)

Yes, if you call 911 in her area, most likely SHE will show up to help you out.

Yes, we did have a party.

Yes, I served donuts as a dessert.

Yes, Lolo thought the dessert was perfect and she happily ate two.

Life is good.

The day she was sworn in The Coach was able to be there and (I was home with a service tech!) he was able to pin her badge on her. I can’t show those pics for obvious reasons. What a moment for them both.

We couldn’t be more proud of her.

Remember when you see an officer out there doing their job, they have mama’s, Dad’s, siblings and kids who love them and want them to come home at the end of the day.


11 thoughts on “The Po-Po is in the house.

  1. Anonymous

    Hi dear friend, I am so proud of Lo. It has been an honor to know and meet you guys and follow along thru the years. John's late dad was a detective. May the Lord bless and keep Lo and bless you and the family as well. xoxo


  2. I wish everyone could read this post — too often we forget that law enforcement officers have families who love (and worry) about them. I know you are very proud of Lolo.


  3. Good evening, Suz,Congratulations! I just loved reading about your daughter's accomplishments. I have always loved following your blog and getting to know your girls over the years. She is such a caring person and will great in law enforcement. I will pray for her safety. It is hard to let go and let our kids follow their dreams, even with risks involved. Give her a hug from me. Happy Weekend. ~Natalie


  4.! So happy for her. But I hear the volumes in the sigh. So much mingled together. Your girl is amazing and I am so happy she's found her niche. She will make a positive difference. I am praying for your heart and her safety. Hugs and love, my friend. 🙂


  5. She's a special young woman, and much braver than I would be. I've always had great respect for the police. 99% of them are great people, trying hard to do a good job.


  6. Oh my goodness. Congratulations to her…and to you for raising such an incredible young woman. And now, as I'm getting ready to help prep my oldest for her High School Prom this weekend I'm trying to figure out how long I've been reading your blog?! Thanks for sharing your journey and beautiful family with all of us!


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