Friday Letters~~ Bugs, Butts and Giving back.

Dear Friday,

Thank you for being almost the best day of the week. Really, it’s so hard to top Saturday.

Saturday, you’re in agreement with me, are you not?

Usually Friday in our house means date night: Dinner out for the two of us where ever we’d like to dine….or wherever we have a gift card that’s unused.

We might play the ‘gift card roulette’ game, or we’ll go to one of our favorites.
But NOT last week NOR this week either as we have a full house.

Woo. hoo. It’s been a busy few weeks.

Some highlights:

*someone’s bedroom is infested with bedbugs*
I’ll keep that person anonymous, but I’ll tell you that it was traumatic for many of our family members.
A bed was disposed of.
Bedding thrown out.
Skin was itched.
The exterminator made two visits.
Psyches were bothered with the thoughts of skin biting bugs.

I’ll forever check bedding at hotels now.


Naples was on fire!
7500 acres of land burned within a few days; but I believe there was NO loss of life. A few homes were destroyed though. God bless our firemen who worked tirelessly to limit the damage.
This was the view from our home one afternoon. Really though, we were never in danger.

The Coach volunteered to do a fundraiser to purchase two disabled veterans beach wheelchairs. (In memory of a good friend who passed away this past year; he was a veteran Army Ranger and just a wonderful person)

His idea of raising money involves a large (pull behind smoker, that was custom made in TX) and about 85 “Boston butts” to be smoked and sold. It was an eventful weekend.
They were able to raise the almost 12K for the two chairs and our weekend involved a lot of house guests (Some I’ve never met) and a lot of good fellowship, laughter and appreciation.
We had 14 for dinner on Friday night and 11 sleeping over.
10 for dinner on Saturday night and 9 sleeping over.

I was tending to the house stuff (3 meals a day) while he was in the driveway tending to the smoking.
Everyone left by 12 on Sunday and the coach and I proceeded to nap.

But, wait, there’s MORE.

This coming weekend? TODAY!
He’s doing it all again, but this time to raise funds for his softball team so they can travel this summer.
This time almost 300 butts will be smoked and they’ll do that on Friday as well as Saturday.
He’s dedicated to his people. Why else would he wake up around 5 am and spend the next 14-16 hours in the driveway tending to the smoker?

The purveyor left their truck in our yard two weekends in a row. The neighbors think we’re insane. 

He’s a giver and he inspires a lot of people including myself.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend doing whatever it is you like to do!


7 thoughts on “Friday Letters~~ Bugs, Butts and Giving back.

  1. Anonymous

    Now your title makes perfect sense! lol That's a lot of dedication to do all that cooking but for really good causes! You folks are the best-est! Love you.


  2. What a great cause/fund-raiser… I'm so proud of your wonderful husband. IF everyone would do something to help, our country would be in much better shape… AND–his softball team will love traveling I'm sure.. How SPECIAL….I read about the fire on FB… SCARY… Glad it didn't get close to you all.Bedbugs? YIPES…. Have a wonderful Spring (SUMMER DOWN THERE I'm sure)…Hugs, Betsy


  3. Wow. What a fire! I'm glad I didn't know about it. Bedbugs. I've heard once you've experienced them you'll never touch a hotel bed until you've checked for those telltale signs. What a great big heart your coach has! Wish I lived closer. I'd definitely be helping him meet his fundraising goals!


  4. The fundraisers sound like a lot of work, but all for worthwhile causes. That fire was way too close for comfort.Bedbugs? Horrors! I already look under and around mattresses and upholstery in hotels, but I've never found anything. I'll be even more vigilant now. Sorry you had such a bad time with the bugs.


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