The one where I fell off the face of the blogosphere

Despite what you’ve read on the internet or on the bathroom wall, I am still very much alive.
How does one who loves to write in her blog and read other blogs as well just run out of time to do it?
If you figure out the answer, please clue me in.
Lots of stuff has been happening since I last blogged in March.
All good stuff.  I’m lucky and very thankful for that.

The Coach and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary; no grand gestures this year. We could never top last year, so why even try? We had a nice dinner out and time together is always a great time.

Popo Lolo, Suzanne & da’ Coach

Lolo has been training full time with the Sherriff’s dept. She likes her job, but guess what.
I knew this might happen and I’m kinda happy.
Oh, I forgot to let you guess.
She’s bored.
Well, kinda bored.
Arresting people isn’t as fun as it looks.
In her words: “People are stupid.”
Well, in my words, “if people weren’t stupid, we wouldn’t need police.”
But anyhoo. She’s training until 6/24, then she’s on her own. She already has her issued car.
She’s already looking into getting her masters degree so she can move into something a bit more …..a bit more…..hmmmm…what’s the word? Challenging? yeah, that’s it.
She’s such an intellectual, she will need something else to keep that mind working. But, she has to stick with what she’s doing for at least 2 years though; prayers for her safety will be appreciated.

Linds is doing very well also.  She’s trucking along at school, working on her degrees and is looking into grad school already: I love her tenacity to “get it done.”
She loves her job at the juice bar and is practically living alone since Lolo spends a lot of her time working. I couldn’t be prouder! And the fact that they still want to visit with us whenever they can is just a blessing.

Linds and Suz

I don’t see them a lot, but I see them enough to NOT cry about it.
How’s that sound?

Anyhoo. Not sure that anyone will actually read this nonsensical stuff, but I’m gonna try and keep up so my great grandkids will have something to read. I’m thinking they can pull up my blog via the back of their retinas and see what a loon their great grandma Suz was.


12 thoughts on “The one where I fell off the face of the blogosphere”

  1. Good Morning! Happy belated anniversary to you and Coach. You and your daughters look absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the updates on Lo and Linds and yes, prayers for all of you. I have missed you! Much love, Mildred


  2. You are the cutest thing!!! You have done better than me in keeping up with the blog – – – you post more often than every quarter year. It has been two years for mine. I know as long as we babysit the grandkids, we are fortunate to have energy to make it to the bed for sleep each night!Your girls are phenomenally smart and such hard workers.


  3. I hear you loud and clear –talking about not having enough time to blog or visit… I 'try' to blog once a week now –and still love doing it. BUT–it's hard to take the hours I need in order to visit others (which I also enjoy doing)… SO???? I have no answers for you. haGlad the girls are both doing well and so interested in getting their educations –so that they can find just the PERFECT jobs…. I know you are proud of them and I'm glad you get to see them quite a bit….. (Do they still bring their dirty laundry home????? ha ha )Hugs,Betsy


  4. WHEW! I thought I was going to have millions of posts to read to catch up with you! Thanks for being so accommodating by not writing much lately!!!


  5. I'm glad to hear that you are still in the blogosphere, although I completely understand the part about not having time to post or visit. I may need to 'unretire' so that I have more time to do the things I want to do. I am glad to hear that the girls — and you and Coach — are doing well. Prayers for Lolo.


  6. Glad all is well in your world! I have missed you so much. But I totally get it. I blog about once a year, if that. LOL But should blog more often. It makes the blogosphere a happier place. 🙂


  7. Hi again,I understand completely about not blogging nearly as much. For some reason, my life all of a sudden, did not seem very blog worthy? Anyway, I still like to read your posts and I especially like to see what your girls are up to. Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie


  8. yes, i'd also like to know how/why we have run out of time for blogs! others & our own! the words have been beckoning me lately, so maybe i'll make my way back. or not! love these pics of you & the girls!!


  9. i was so happy to get a visit from you a while back and have been clicking on your blog to read but can relate to just not having the time lately…it's like the hours of the day have been shortened, and it's summer, but i still keep running out of time grrrr…love your smart girls and happy anniversary to you and da coach!


  10. Happy anniversary about two months too late? What did Lolo decide to do? I love that your girls are together and you get to see them often. It's hard when they are away for long. Blogs. What are blogs? Mine is slowly dying a painful death. I hate it, but instagram is so much easier.


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