Today is our Lolo’s birthday.
She’s the girl that made me a mama.
Well, actually the Coach made me a mama, but ya’ll knew that. Right?

We’re so proud of her….she is an amazing young woman who is stronger physically and mentally than most 40 year olds I know. I’m astonished by the challenges that she continually takes on AND with grace.

Her future is so bright that we should all don some shades today in her honor.

 This is the day that she took her official oath.

How can this pretty face intimidate anyone? I’m told it does…..

Some fun facts while I can still recall them.

Lolo was a really active toddler. REALLY active. She never stopped moving. At one point I said: “she is going to be an only child because I can’t do this twice”.  And a few weeks later I was preggers with little sister Linds. God had other plans. (fyi, Linds was a very calm and chill baby/toddler, thank you Baby Jesus!)

She was obsessed with (Disney’s) Goofy as a little girl. I would catch her in her room dancing and playing with Goofy all the time. I was a little frightened, but she grew out of it.
I think.

When she was around 9 years old she wanted to be and umpire when she grew up. Must’ve been all the time she spent on the softball field and wanted to have the ‘power’ herself.

I swore as a young girl that she’d grow up and be an attorney; she questioned everything and then had an argument for OR against whatever it was I brought up.

As a toddler she had some OCD issues. Pulling her hair out. Chewing up sweaters. Her socks were never straight enough on the toe area. It was challenging for us all. But look at her now….her hair is lovely and she wears combat boots with socks daily!

HAPPY 24 my sweet Lolo! Mama loves you.

9 thoughts on “#24

  1. Happy belated birthday to Lolo! Oh, the stories I could tell of OCD tendencies with clothing when I was young. No turtlenecks (chocked me), no stirrup pants (bothered my feet), and no wool (too itchy). My son, Jacob, would say, \”There's a mountain on my toe!\” when his socks would line up right! Anyway, she's amazing to have accomplished her goal. (Do you watch LIVE PD on A&E? Two of the five or six counties are from our state. Mercy.)


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