This, that and the other thing


Way back in March we hosted a “smoked butt’ fundraiser at our home for a charity that supplies veterans with beach wheel chairs…..getting them back to the beach. Our family will put our ‘butts in a smoker’ if it helps someone.
We raised enough for two chairs and they had the second dedication recently. (We were not available for the first dedication) It was a great day with old friends near and far and new friends from near and far.

This soldier was a very humble man who clearly didn’t want the fan-fare, but did it for the rest of us. He’s not been to the beach in almost 20 years and is so looking forward to this new freedom; it’s much deserved. The Coach is here thanking him for his service and getting to know him a bit better.


These two. Callie and Cocoa. If you remember Callie was a ‘cow dog’ who lived her first 8.5 years herding cows and living in a dog pen outside with other dogs and horses. She’s settled in nicely here….so much so, that she sometimes forgets that she’s not the ONLY dog. Kind of a bully to Cocoa for the most part, but here they let their issues go and took a nap. We have a large home, but they love those few inches between the couch and coffee table.

The Other Thing

For Christmas this year the Coach gave me perhaps the best present ever….aside from his undying devotion and the girlies. He gifted me with flower delivery every two weeks for a year direct from the farm. No wasted vases, no florist middle men.
It’s been so much fun to see what shows up; I’ve loved them all. Sometimes I remember to take pictures. Sometimes I don’t. I’m a heathen.

Have a bee-u-tiful weekend and take a moment to smell the flowers. Well, not mine.
Boundaries people. Boundaries.


8 thoughts on “This, that and the other thing

  1. It's wonderful that you, your family and friends were able to provide two veterans with beach wheelchairs. Obviously Coach is a keeper (I suspect you already know that!) for arranging for those flowers to be delivered throughout the year. Wonderful!


  2. Awww what a great postThat is such a practical & generous way to help veterans!Sweet pic of the dogs napping but WOW!!! Bouquets every couple of weeks! Now that is romantic!Enjoy your week!


  3. Anonymous

    So heartwarming about the wheelchairs for veterans. A precious pic of Coach kneeling down beside this honorable vet. I love seeing your doggies. Theo is a bully to all the cats, and Bleu the cat is a bully to Jellybean – it makes life interesting! lol Love seeing your gorgeous flowers – what a sweet gift. Love to you and your beautiful family. xo


  4. Good Morning, Suz,I always enjoy visiting you in your blog. I am so inspired by your fundraising efforts. I loved your photo of Coach and the veteran. Your story about Callie and Cocoa cracks me up…but I can relate. After our Callie died, I sensed that Lucy was lonesome, so that is part of the reason we brough Jasmine home. But you guessed it, Jasmine is the bully and growls at poor Lucy. Your flowers are all beautiful, but that last bouquet is over-the-top! Thanks for sharing. ~Natalie


  5. Great idea to provide beach wheel chairs. I'm sure many disabled people will be grateful. Funny to see the dogs tucked up into the smallest place possible. Okay, no smelling your flowers. I'll just smell my own and pretend they are yours.


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