More peeps in my life and I’m glad I can swim.

Just after Easter we took in a houseguest for an undetermined amount of time.
Well, I thought it might be for a month….and only because we didn’t know the depth of the situation.
You know when you come across someone who isn’t directly related to you, but you have connections and they desperately need a new start to their life? And you CAN actually help this deserving person have a new start?
Well, then by all means you help that person even if it means taking a few steps back in your ’empty nest’.
It’s all good; our nest will become empty again one day and we’ll be back to No-pants Thursday and Naked Saturday.
I’m kidding.
Well, except for the no-pants part.
It’s super hot here; pants make it worse.

Anyhoo…..we’re getting through it. There have been some rough days and some easy days.
I’m praying that the end result will be positive for her and the Coach and I can look back on this as a little bitty blip in our plans, but a huge leap in her life. (I’ve skipped all softball travels this summer with the Coach) There’s always next year…..

And in other news, it’s been raining like crazy here for a few days.

I had no idea we were going to have a tropical storm. Should I put on the news on occasion? Nah…..I like to be surprised. HA!
My biggest concern is my monarch caterpillars that are outside.

Yes, I put up some golf umbrellas to keep them from drowning….’twas easier than making little floaties for them all.

Happy Tuesday!

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