Hurricane Irma tried to steal my birthday Thunder


A quick update.
First, thank you for all of you who’ve messaged/emailed me about hurricane Irma. We were in Costa Rica celebrating my birthday with 6 other peeps when she was approaching.
We weren’t all able to secure 8 flights home, so some of us ended up staying for 12 days instead of 7.

Please know that we are all well. Our sweet little town may never look the same again…..but there were no lives lost in our area.

Our home has some damage, mostly landscaping and some of the newly (one week prior to Irma) installed fencing. Some roof tiles and facia/soffit work and a all screens on pool cage will be redone.
We’ve been cleaning up and are almost back to ‘normal’.

I’m going to miss that tree!

Lindsay fled to GA, The Coach secured our home and fled to the East Coast, Lolo had to put in major overtime and work the entire storm, prior and post.

I’ll share photos soon. I just got internet back this morning, so I’ve got bills to pay and things to do. 😉

Life is good and we are truly lucky. Praying for the people of Puerto Rico and those here who still don’t have power.


6 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma tried to steal my birthday Thunder

  1. I'm happy that Irma didn't do too much damage around your house, although what she did do was bad enough. I'm also glad everyone is safe and sound, and hope that life soon returns to normal.


  2. Good Morning, Suzanne,I am so relieved that your damage was minimal. I wondered about your Lolo, knowing that our first responders work so hard to keep people safe during these disasters. Thanks for staying in touch. Take care, dear friend. ~Natalie


  3. I love the hut view of the ocean. And I think iguanas are cute! Sounds like you had a great trip for turning 50 — well, except for all the worry about Irma. Hope the lost tree was the worst of it at your home.


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