Just like everyone else on that early Monday morning, we were stunned, heartbroken and sad.

It was just a year ago that we were THOSE music fans, THOSE people out for a lovely weekend with good friends and good music.
We were them, but without the heartbreak, the pain and the sadness.

I couldn’t bear to watch the news. It hurt too much.

Our group of eight had a text thread going that morning about how thankful we were that I’d just had that big birthday and that BIG trip….otherwise we would have without a doubt been in Vegas ourselves on that horrific night.

God bless those who’ve lost their lives and those who mourn their loved ones.

Something has got to change.


5 thoughts on “#LasVegas

  1. I thought about you when I read about the horrible tragedy in Las Vegas. I know how much you and your friends LOVE being there and have attended similar concerts in years past… You are correct in saying: \”Something has to change\”…. VERY SAD.Hugs,Betsy


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