It’s November for Heaven’s sake!

Did you buy your turkey and plan the menu? No? Well, when are you going to put up the Christmas tree?
I swear, every year I say I’m gonna be more prepared and every year I wonder what the heck happened.
I shouldn’t be surprised; I’ve met me before…..I know thyself.

I like to take on a lot and then wonder why I can’t get 4,678 things done.

We’ve been very busy doing some good deeds for others, so my people will have to take a back seat on gifts this year. I’ve shopped so much lately for some families who really are in dire straits that I’m kinda shopped out.

Sorry familamadingdong.
Will a gift card and some mints from the bottom of my purse do?

Speaking of my familamadingdong. Lolo came over for dinner last weekend. Well, Lolo and her fur child Max. I love any time I get to visit with my girlies. And Max.

Lolo is enjoying being the PoPo. She works nights and is getting a lot of drunk drivers off the road….and that’s a good thing. Ain’t nobody got time for drunk drivers.
CALL.AN.UBER or keep your drinking azz home.


So, is anyone else feeling a bit of pressure from the upcoming events? If you’re as cool as a cucumber, are you on medication?


8 thoughts on “It’s November for Heaven’s sake!”

  1. Cute photo of Lolo and Max. Glad you had time with your peoples!We try not to stress over the holidays. I remember many years ago while visiting my brother, he opened his pantry and lifted out his tiny ceramic Christmas tree…..plugged it in and said, Now I'm decorated for Christmas! That is us nowadays! Love you all.


  2. My comment just fly away – – – hope it doesn't show up elsewhere cuz it wasn't complete!Anyway time has flown by this year – – – except when we were waiting for Bill to retire. I, also, cannot believe it is time for the BIG holidays! We actually started talking Christmas list this past weekend. Oh – – for the energy to do all this coming up. Thankful to be a part of it still.


  3. My friend, Mildred, (above) sent me over here. She thinks we are a lot alike with our humor although I have a hard time believing anyone else has the wacky sense of humor I have. lolI see you live in FL. I used to live in FL until I married a Pollock—er—-watching my ethnic thing here—Polish fellow and moved to WI. BIG mistake—not the marriage–the move to WI.Anyway,I am your newest follower and you are stuck with me now, kiddo! Hugs- Dianaps. I will put you on my sidebar because I read from there….looking forward to getting to know you better.


  4. I'm just glad Nov. is finally here! Things have been sooooo crazy in Mary's world…I'm ready for things to start settling down!Yay for Lolo being the popo and getting drunkies off the road. 🙂


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