The Thanks and The Giving

Well, it happened.
It’s December once again. *Pats self on back for making it another year*

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. All the usual suspects were in attendance with the addition to a few new people who were ‘orphaned’ for the holiday. There’s nothing I like more than feeding orphans.

My Aunt, Uncle and Cuz Patrick drove down from ATL for a few days; it’s always a treat to spend time with them. 

Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim (or AT and UJ as we call them) will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this month. WHAT A LOVELY UNION!!!

After dinner these three baristas were in the coffee area whipping up some frapaCappaChino something or other…..
Sometimes I get so excited to see my kids I just want to Nom nom nom on them…..

Thanksgiving morning Lolo strolled in at 5:30 from her shift the night before. She showered, went to sleep and woke up at 1:15 for our 2pm meal. She then got dressed again and left at 4:15 for her next shift. We were so happy to have even a few hours with her on Thanksgiving.

We had about 12 minutes in between our meal and her leaving to take a family pic for the Christmas card. Is it perfect and up to my standards? No, but I’m lowering my standards these days. Having all four of us together at once is a feat in itself.

Growing up, I could never imagine having the Popo at our house on a holiday and someone NOT going to jail. I’ve come full circle. 🙂

The Coach got some baby time…. Gosh do babies love him.

I wish I could update the blog more, but I’ve been a busy bee with some charity work and fundraising….plus we have 2 parties that we’re hosting this month. December is upon us and I’m rolling with it as best I can. I’ve got almost all the decorations up and I might shop for my people at some point…..
I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.


4 thoughts on “The Thanks and The Giving

  1. When you have law enforcement at the house in regular attendance, does it put a damper on your parties?!!She is probably just happy to be home and deal with \”normal\” as opposed to what she copes with on the streets. It takes amazing personalities to do the job she does!I love seeing Patrick's smile. He is like family to us now, too since we have seen him frequently on your blog. His parents do NOT look old enough to be married fifty years!Thankful to hear from you. You are doing way better at blogging than me. It has been about five years since I blogged? I might get back to it one day. We are so busy watching two grandsons now – – but it's only for a season as the Bible says.


  2. Anonymous

    Happy to see an update. Congrats to your aunt and uncle and Hi to Cuz Patrick. Lovely to view all your family pictures. Best wishes with the Dec. parties, decorating, fundraising etc. Love to all and Merry Christmas.


  3. It looks as if you had a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. It's been years since we've gotten our entire family together for a holiday, so I understand how you feel about getting everyone together for a photo, even if it was only for 12 minutes. It sounds as if your December will be very busy.


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