This, That and The Other Thing

1) This

A few days after Thanksgiving I finally picked up the wishbone from the countertop and handed one side to the Coach.
Me: Lets do this.
Him: ohhhh, I don’t like this because it means one of us will lose.
Me: It’s ok, one of us will be a winner too.

We pulled it apart and we both lost.
Go figure.
We’re both losers. 🙂


2) That
I’m finally back in Monarch butterfly business.
Hurricane Erma did a number on my garden and the butterflies that inhabited our yard.

Slowly but surely, my numbers are growing and some mornings I feel like Snow white…..monarchs flying all around me in the garden. It’s a beautiful thing.


3) The Other Thing

Do you ever have a moment where you forget to spell the simplest of words? I’ve written Believe many many times…..but after a full day of Christmas decorating, it was beyond my comprehension.

I had a big giggle at my mistake and called it quits for that day.

I hope you are getting though this holiday season with all your wits about you….but if you’re like me, you’re completely out of wits and you get by on charm. 🙂

4 thoughts on “This, That and The Other Thing

  1. Anonymous

    When I saw your first photo, I thought it was SNOW!!!! I realize it is just your gorgeous countertop! You know how I love butterflies; YAY for you and your garden! You and Coach are both WINNERS in my book; two of the cutest, most in love folks I know and with huge HEARTS! xoxo


  2. LOL- Bet that last spelling wouldn't fit in any crossword puzzle I have ever attempted. lol I don't think I have ever seen a wishbone split like that….makes you wonder about the turkey that was walking around with it in him….lol AND- NO LOSERS at your house!Hope you have a great night, Suz. xo Diana


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