That was a doozy of a Christmas!

Christmas Eve was just lovely. Almost all of my peeps were here.

New babies. (my niece-I’m a ‘great aunt’!)
New desserts. (Made by me)
New adventures. (for Lolo and Linds)

Both of my MIL’s were here. How lucky am I? Very…. because I adore them both. (above with Lolo and below with Linds and Lo)

A beautiful and delicious trifle.

Lolo and Kinsley

My girls after they finished a very fun scavenger hunt and learned they’ll have an adventure this year to the Pacific northwest together.  (no, they’re not visiting Kanye’s first born daughter)

Christmas morning at my BIL’s. Coach with Kinsley.

And a pic showing me with ‘couch hair’.
Hey, it was a busy morning prior to my couch time….and then a butterfly landed on my shoulder.

Up next we have a birthday celebration.
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Whew……I hope I don’t have to do that again for at least a year.  Happy 2018 Ya’ll!

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