Paradise for songwriters and music lovers (Part 1)

There’s no moss growing under our feet….nosirreebobcattail.
And since we’ve not stopped going, I’m having a hard time documenting it all. But I must because the brain forgets things quickly these days.

We had a lovely trip with 7 other friends to the Abaco’s islands of the Bahamas; Elbow Cay specifically.

Prior to this trip, when someone mentioned going to the Bahamas, my mind went to that one trip I had with my family when I was about 6. (or pics from peeps Cruise’s)  It was all touristy, t-shirt shops and cheesy Casinos.

This island couldn’t be further from that. We flew into Marsh Harbour airport and took a boat ferry to Elbow Cay. From there we had golf carts to take us to our rental house. The island is very small; less than 6 miles long and most people don’t have vehicles.

 The steps leading to the beach from our rental home. The water was MAGNIFICENT! The beach area where our home was located was quite rocky….but this made for lovely beach combing.

The first few days of our trip there were just five of us; Michelle, Don, Kelly, Suz and Coach.

And why did we choose to go to Elbow Cay/Hopetown for this particular week, which just happened to fall on Kelly’s Valentine birthday?  Songwriters in Paradise We’ve been big into travelling for music festivals for many years now, but this was something totally different. Smaller, more intimate and it included a great vacation.

This was a few weeks ago, but I’m reliving it all going through my photos. *sigh* I must get back to laundry and bills because neither care about my vacation.

I hope all my blog peeps are well and I’m gonna catch up real soon.


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